Positive Reality Show For Bloggers Coming To Las Vegas

I know what you are thinking, positive and reality show does not go together. But after chatting it up with a producer from a major film company I am thinking that this reality show for bloggers will be exactly that- positive.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor see that information below. I’ve had many people talk to me about reality shows in the past months or so. With the launch of my new baby product the www.snuggwugg.com  an interactive diaper changing pillow and winning the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant, plus my own coaching that doesn’t leave a lot of time for extra projects. I’ve  alsodone television before so I don’t get star struck the same as most would. If it’s not something that I’d put my best friend on I’m normally not interested.

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So here is what I know. There is interest from a major film company regarding a Las Vegas based reality show for bloggers. I know who they are but cannot release that information as of yet. The bloggers will benefit from being on the show, prizes should be amazing…and basically I think it’s going to be fabulous.  I can’t release other details yet as those will be coming very soon but here is what you do vist www.LisaCashHanson.com make sure you are on my newsletter I’ll keep you posted when you can contact the producer to be considered. And she will be reading these comments on the Lisa Cash Hanson site as well as here. Also leave your comments here or on this post  via fb comments or Black Friday Event For Mompreneur Mogul Products Plus Reality Show Comments

And if you don’t already know I’ll be releasing tonight around midnight for 24 hours a price slashing extravaganza of my products so be sure to sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar if you’re not already on for upcoming projects and details on the reality show for bloggers.

Plus we would love to hear what is important to you regarding a reality show for bloggers. This is your time to shine!

Sponsors: If you have an interest in bloggers and would like your brand to be considered then leave a comment below.


As with anything in television the show is subject to a ton of factors- does the network like it, etc; So as we find you so will you.




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    I agree with the sentiments listed above.
    I would love to see how bloggers live their unique lifestyles, as I think bloggers have the opportunity to truly live life on their terms. Just like I do. My kids aren’t in school, we are an entrepreneurial family and run 4 businesses together, as a family, my kids included. My kids, who are 7yo, 9yo and 10yo create videos on youtube daily and I am more into the traditional writing of blog posts on a few blogs that I manage, or for my clients. 🙂

    I would love to hear more about the reality show, sounds very cool to be involved!
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    I think what I would love NOT to see is bloggers being pitted against each other in a harmful way. I’m guessing that many of the bloggers will be women (only because many of my blogging friends are women) and I’m tired of seeing shows that encourage cattiness. I want to see the positive, supportive experience I’ve had as a blogger reflected on the television show.

    I would also like to see this as something that’s helpful to bloggers. Many of us don’t know how to promote ourselves, how to budget our time and money, or how to leverage social networking sites.

    It would be fun to see how some ideas will work for some bloggers and not for others. Not because they’re bad ideas, but because we’re all individuals and THAT’S what makes our blogs unique.

    Thanks for taking my thoughts.
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