Get More Things Done By Texting And Say Goodbye To Phone Calls With TalkTo

TalkTo App the amazing service that helps you communicate with businesses via  text message, get a response, and get more done.

I’ve been asked to review many apps over the past year. But few are as cool as the TalkTo app. TalkTo  allows you to text any business instead of calling.  Quick side note you don’t need the mobile app in order to enjoy the benefits of TalkTo. You can also sign up via your computer on their website  What can you do with TalkTo? Reserve tables, book appointments, order takeout, get info and more. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what that means as far as simplifying your life but just in case here are a few examples: Let’s say that you have a wonderful date and want to get her flowers. Type in the name of the florist, text to ask if they have yellow roses, they text back “Yes how many do you need?”  You tell them two dozen, they confirm you head on over to pick up the roses  and your a hero! And just in time for the holidays for all those parents who are  tired of running all over town just  to find the “It” toy of the season, guess what?  Text stores and find out if the toy is in stock. They respond back with a “Yes”. You go get that toy and  relax for the remainder of your day instead of the usual running all around town while scrambling to find gifts. Seriously is that not the coolest thing or what? I’m thinking YES.

You may wonder, “Can my business be listed as well?” The answer is yes and it’s free. As long as your business is listed in Google, people can text you via TalkTo. What’s more, you can customize the way you receive messages like having them sent to your email– whatever works best for you and helps you be the most responsive to your customers. Check out the FAQ  section to learn more.

The possibilities are endless regarding the multitude of ways that TalkTo can simply your life and help you get in touch with the businesses and products that you love most. Here are just a few examples:

  • Book tables, order takeout or delivery, or check on specials
  • Make appointments for a haircut, spa treatment, classes and group activities;
  • Connect with the hotel or car service when you’re traveling and don’t want to make phone calls; or
  • Find out if something is in stock and how much it cost, check on a warranty or the status of an order


TalkTo App figures out the best way to get your message to the business. Sometimes they chat your message to them or use email or SMS, and even have a TalkTo agent call them if need be.

The beauty is that you don’t need to worry about it, just send your message and get on with your day while TalkTo does the hard, unpleasant grunt work for you. It’s nice to be a citizen of the 21st century, huh?

From the Press Desk:

Cambridge, MA, November 13, 2012 –TalkTo ( today announced its text-any-business app is now freely available on the Web. Now, people can easily send text messages to any business from the Web—as well as via the TalkTo iPhone and Android mobile apps—eliminating the need for time-wasting phone calls. TalkTo’s mobile apps originally debuted when it was a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011.

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“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TalkTo  however all opinions are expressly my own.”





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    What an absolute time saver this is! I’m new to apps and always looking for ones that make business easier. As you know, sometimes we have to be creative about our work hours, because we have so much on our plate and an idea like this will free up a hand or two and allow us to get more done – efficiently!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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