The American #Entrepreneur Not A Politician Is The Hope Of The World

America is the greatest nation on earth. Alongside half the country this morning I woke up with a sense of disappointment after the elections. I realized that America is forever changed. My next thought was my daughter. What will I tell her about her future? About this economy? About her dreams. Then I understood that the hope for America is not determined by  the hands of a President or a politician. Hope lies in heart of  the people of America. My daughter is the hope of America. I am the hope of America. YOU are the hope of America.  I also believe  it will be  the American Entrepreneur and not a politician who will be the “change” that this great land needs so desperately. In a country so deeply divided perhaps we can come together on this one single point.

If you are living on a government check and relying primarily on that check  then you are a slave to that government. THEY decided what you will achieve in life because you can only reach as far as their limited provision allows. That is no future at all.

Thomas Jefferson once said:

A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….”

That is not your future. That is not the future for any person in America. I believe there are cures for diseases, homes for unwed mothers, great humanitarian efforts that  will only come at the hands of the American entrepreneur.

I believe these dreams may live within your heart. This is my video message and my hope.  To teach the spirit of entrepreneurism to every person I encounter. To teach my daughter to be a leader. To teach the principals of starting a business to others. We are filled with hope, with dreams, with visions, with witty inventions. We were never created to settle and sit back while the politicians dictate to us what type of life we will lead. Rather we should take hold of our dreams, make them a reality that allows us to prosper,  then use that new found wealth  to reach and inspire generations to do the same.  We are the hope of America- The American Entrepreneur Then and only then when people receive these principals will the PUNY check handed to them by the government become unacceptable because their hearts are filled with greatness.

I am only one person, But with your help and a dream to teach this principal to the people in our great nation there is no limit to what we achieve. Will you join me?




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    I agree it is time that we all take responsibility for our lives and this country. The power truly lives with the people. It’s time to take a stand for what we believe in by living our beliefs. I agree the entrepreneur is on the rise and I believe that is one of the greatest benefits the state of the economy has birthed. Before my income was compromised I never considered working for myself, but I’ve decided that I will NEVER again allow someone else sit across from me and tell me how much I’m worth. There is much to do and I have much to give and the time is now.

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being a constant reminder 🙂
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    I woke up at 3:00 a.m. this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I lay there thinking about what had happened and realized that Obama’s reelection wasn’t so bad. The truly bad part is that we reelected him. It is not a politician that disappoints me, it is my fellow citizens. Yes, we the people are far more important than any politician. However, we now know that the majority of us are servile. We want politicians to make our decisions. We don’t want to take chances and be responsible for ourselves. Maybe that doesn’t describe you and I, but today we are a minority. The majority will never again extol the extraordinary or the exceptional. Entrepreneurs will wither in this environment.

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    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. What you said my darling new friend. Eloquent and dignified. You are strong and beautiful. I have renewed hope and you can thank yourself for giving me the energy to move forward. Of course, I would have as my faith is also strong, but I can attest you gave me encouragement and if anyone feels that’s a bad thing, well…I don’t know how to respond to them. I’m signing up for your blog. I hope you have room. Thanks for the reminder about the spirit that arrived in this country before government was founded. I’ve been asking the good Lord direction in an environment I felt was rejecting me and my morals. How silly is that. Of course, I would have bounced back as that’s what people of faith do. I’m just grateful God sent me you to speed up the process. Hugs!

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    As a non-American, I’m curious about why Americans often say that their country is the greatest in the world. Please don’t take this as an attack, I’m genuinely curious about this mindset. Is it patriotism? Are you wanting to stand united after such a divisive election?
    I’m very proud of my country, but I don’t think we’re the best nation on Earth. Our economy is quite strong, especially after the crisis, but it’s not the fastest-growing in the world. We’re not environmental leaders. We have a very good human rights record, but we can learn from other countries. Our social safety net pales in comparison to some others’.
    I think it’s important to love your fellow citizens and to be proud of your country’s achievements (and every country has them) but to also keep sight of what the rest of the world has to offer and what we can learn from other countries and cultures.
    That said, I think the U.S has some of the friendliest people I’ve met.
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      It’s just because we love our country so much Suzanne same as you do yours 🙂 It’s not an attack on other nations. It’s like loving all children but your own children are your favorite.

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    What a wonderful article. It’s so nice to read after some of the comments made on social networking sites over the past 24 hours. Although I appreciate disappointment when one’s candidate wins, to completely dismiss people who voted for the other guy as lazy, ignorant, or waiting for a handout wasn’t very nice and I felt it really dishonored Romney – who I believe had some really wonderful things to say about the state of the nation – I love that he honestly spoke on the topic of people living off the government.

    What I hope to see next is people coming together, taking the time to get to know one another, help one another, support one another. We have a responsibility to set an example of cooperation, empathy, and tolerance for the next generation. It hurts my heart to know that people will judge me for the person I voted for, but won’t try and understand the story behind my vote.

    If we can’t see past our own beliefs to try and at least hear where someone else is coming from, then we’re all a disappointment.

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      I saw your post about that Kimberly. I didn’t call anyone lazy. My concern is just to instill in people that they have so much inside them, so many dreams, that to rely on the government just hinders the greatness within them. Basically they can do more then that and the world needs them too 🙂

      I adore you and I know you didn’t vote for Romney 🙂

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    Amen Lisa! I am with you and am raising my three beautiful daughters to dream and be leaders.. And perhaps one of them will open an orphanage… that was my dream as a child and one of my daughters shared that it is hers (without knowing it was mine) 🙂 Too much government is good for broken hearts and broken dreams. Our future is in our hands and we can and will keep the dream alive!
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    None of my family members want a handout nor do any of my friends. Republicans have to learn to stop pissing people off with this philosophy. I don’t believe anyone can change my life but moi. That statement about dems wanting a handout is like saying all Repubs are racist. Sorry Lisa, I don’t want make your blog political but you did this morning.

    Republicans will get my vote when the support a woman’s right to choose or stem research. If they don’t, they will never get my vote.
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    See what Linkedin Connect Professional Women’s Network is saying;

    “The big news last night may have been who won the presidential election, but it’s worth noting the important achievements women made in the polls. Elizabeth Warren is the first woman to make it into the Massachusetts senate. Tammy Baldwin is the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin and the first openly gay senator. Tammy Duckworth, an amputee and Iraq war veteran, was elected a U.S. Representative for Illinois. And New Hampshire elected it’s first-ever all-female congressional delegation and governor. We’ve talked a lot in Connect about breaking down glass ceilings, and it’s inspiring to see more women rising up in politics.”
    As a woman of faith and upcoming entrepreneur and leader, the elections totally inspired me.
    Not focusing on the depressing government handout stories. But if Obama can have the audacity of hope to win, I can make it in my business too. To influence people you have to be in a position of leadership as well, like the women mentioned above.
    Queen Esther in the Bible had to be in the Kings Palace to make any influence…remember.
    Our messages should always be filled with wisdom and should be inspiring.
    If you don’t post this comment it is fine by me.

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    Wow Lisa! Thank you so much for this truly moving post! I too went right to the welfare and future of my children; and it scared me. You are so right! Our strength as mothers/wives/women of faith and Entrepreneurial spirit will prevail!

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    I woke up, and I was elated, excited and inspired!
    Economy is important, no question about it.
    But it all starts with freedom of our personhood.
    If I wish a feature to my child where she is healthy, respected, rather than being treated like a 2nd or 3rd level citizen, where she is Free to make her decisions on what to do with her life, with her body, what entrepreneurship to pursue – oh, you bet I care who represents me in the government.
    I am not for a huge bureaucratic government. I am after the government that cares what I am first.
    So, Yes, I woke excited this morning.
    Yes, everyone of us is responsible for our lives and well-being. But when I hear that almost half of the population of this country is disrespectfully abusing the system – hello, it’s so arrogant and self-righteous.
    Thank you for shared your point of view. I’ve shared mine as well.

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