Google Communities Get Google Social With Your Brand- Tutorial

I am so totally excited about this new social media tool Google Communities. There are some very cool features for your business and your brand that I know can benefit your business.  One of the things you will notice when posting in Google communities is the ability to tag your discussions. It’s a very  powerful feature that allows you to add titles to your Google Communities posts so your members can easily find all the information they need by clicking one phrase. Google Communities is brand new. But it will prove to be a very powerful tool for your brand and help you understand Google social. I’ve launched three Google Communities and I would love for you to join us!




Women Entrepreneurs Who Change The World

The Mecca For Women In Business

Moms With Products

Some of you know my baby product the SnuggWugg® is a 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner

This is for any woman who has a product and who wants to learn more, share that product and take it to the market!

Parenting Solutions

Just like the name. This is a community for parents to add anything and everything to help other parents. From Toddler Tantrums, to favorite products and everything in between come and join us now!

I’ve also included a Google Communities tutorial video. It’s super simple but it shows you exactly how these communites work and how you too can use this to help your business and connect with some amazing Google Plus users.  Google is also a valuable tool for  organic SEO.  I’ll add an article  at the bottom to discuss more about why this new Google Communities feature is so valuable.

Invitation:  Please join us in our new communities! I’ll see you there.






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