The Ultimate Vlogging Challenge Are You Up For It

I’d like to share some tips about vlogging today and a really fun vlogger Renae From Rich Mom Business.  She just did a review of my book Get Famous and a shout out to SnuggWugg® I’d also like to invite you to take the ultimate vlogging challenge so see the information for that below. Renae is a great example of one of the tips I share with you all the time- be yourself. I know it’s great to admire other people and follow vlogging tips. But when it comes right down to it you need to be YOU. There is already a “me” and already a “Renae”.
The greatest service you can provide to your blog followers and especially when vlogging is to keep it real and keep it really you. So instead of my normal Wednesday vlog I decided to schooh over and share Renae with you today. She has tips about everything under the sun on her channel and you can clearly see by most of her vlogging efforts she is definitely original. So watch her vlog (it’s very funny by the way) and see what you can do to present your blog in a fun and original way that reflects all of you. I’m also going to include my top 10 vlogging tips below. And I’ll include a vlog I did about how to be a success.

I get asked all the time about vlogging. Mostly because I do my own weekly vlogs.
Here are some great tips to get you started.

1.Use what you have. I do most of my vloggging with my iphone I put it in airplane mode to avoid calls (I learned that one the hard way) You may think you need expensive equipment but phone cameras are amazing.

2. Stand in front of a window or outside for better lighting. Nothing shouts dull more then a dimly lit vlog. Just get some bright light and it makes your face look super cute too. Double bonus.

3.Use a software like Camtasia (there are other options as well) to add images video intros and boost your sound. Sometimes when I record the volume is low I use Camtasia to boost the sound and that works great.

4.Have a plan. I can talk for days so I need guidelines so I don’t ramble. Just add a few bullet points and put them in front of you to guide you to avoid rambling.

5.Keep it short. I know that I have some longer videos but it’s normally best to keep them under 3 minutes. Plus that will challenge you to keep your vlogging power packed.

6.Do tutorials. People love them nothing better then a “How To Tutorial” to boost vlogging traffic.

7. Cross promote. Share some links with friends I’m doing that now by sharing Renae. Of course it helps her but it’s also something fun for you to see so it’s a win win.

8. Share on social media. It doesn’t matter what you are vlogging about if no one sees it then no one will know how great it is. Post on Facebook Twitter and all your social media channels.

9.Stop studying vlogging tips. I know your thinking,”What are you talking about Lisa you just said these are great tips.” True they are but all study and no vlogging makes for zero vlogs. So you actually have to create the vlog if you want to be a vlogger. Even if your fist time stinks it’s OK you’ll get better next time. But take your camera and do a quick vlog right now. Then link it in the comments below to show us what you’ve done so we can celebrate with you.

10. Ultimate Vlogging Challenge Challenge yourself. Will you do it? Take the Vlogging Challenge today and post your vlog in the comment section below. If you do that then myself and some other vloggers will randomnly select ONE winner to recieve $25 cash! It’s the easiest $25 you’ve ever made 🙂 Just comment below add your vlog NOT someone else’s for a chance to win. This is a great way if you’ve never done a vlog to be inspired on your first vlogging challenge so go for it today!  For one we want to support you and share, but also it will be so fun to see all of your vlogs and get to know each other:) So get posting, start vlogging and have an amazing day! Oh yes and get Crack A Lackin!!




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