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Many people would love to know how to make money with a blog. It’s not such a mystery really. If you have nothing to sell or promote you won’t make any money with a blog. It’s pretty simple. And if you have only a small amount of visitors and you are trying to make money with Google ads you will not make money with a blog. I coach people daily and realize a major stumbling block  they have when it comes to how to make money with a blog is not knowing where to get the resources to help them do that. Another stumbling block is being hung up on traffic. Although I believe in building traffic I’ve shown my clients time and time again that it’s more about positioning then traffic. If they truly want to make money with a blog. So I’ve put together a great list of resources to help you make money blogging. And a short description how each of these resources can help you to make money blogging. Even if you don’t have a lot of traffic.

Aweber Email Marketing

I used to use MailChimp and they are wonderful as well. But Aweber email marketing is like a dream come true. You can set up multiple email marketing lists as many as you want. This will benefit you in so many ways. If you’d like to test a freebie for your blog and see how it converts you add a different opt in box for that. Aweber can be customized and you can add your own follow up messages that are scheduled for each new list. It’s been an amazing tool for my email marketing business and just reaching out to my readers. There are times I’ve shared a campaign or product and it’s brought in thousands fairly quickly. A quick example if you only have 20 people on your newsletter and you share an affiliate link that earns $10 and only 10 people buy it you just made $100.00 see how easy that is?


This is my store but you can add your own  store and account in minutes for FREE and begin selling online. You can upload eBooks, Cd’s, Crafts, Whatever you’d like within their guidelines and start selling. It’s a great resource to market your products online. They do take a very small percentage of the sale but it’s so worth it and the greatest part is you can begin selling online even if you zero technical skills.

Self Publish With Amazon

You can upload your eBook on Amazon and begin selling internationally. It’s an amazing resource and it’s very cheap to use they take a small percentage of your sale. So worth it to reach and international audience. Here is my Blogging Book Get Famous On Amazon

If design or artwork is keeping you from writing a book then it doesn’t have to any longer. Fiverr is filled with resources for only 5$ That will design a book cover, create a Facebook timeline, market your ebook , create a book trailer and more. It’s the entrepreneur’s and blogger’s best friend as far as I’m concerned and I’ve used it many times to create videos like my Lisa Cash Hanson Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs Videos and more.

Find people to create your blog site, convert your ebook to mobi for Amazon and so much more. Similar to Fiverr but even more resources there.


Checks your blog to reveal website load time. It’s hard ot make money with a blog if I visit your blog and it takes 2 minutes to load. Make sure your load speeds are user friendly.

Sponsored Tweets

Super quick service takes a few seconds to sign up and they send you campaigns that you have to approve first so no worries about spamming your followers. It’s another way to use the power of your brand and blog to make money. Plus you can sign up then begin referring friends by tweeting. I’ve made money sometimes $5 or 10$ on up per tweet. Easy to use.

 Self Publish For FREE With Barnes And Noble Pubit

You write and ebook and you want to self publish that ebook but where? Of course Amazon but also on Barnes And Noble Nook with Pubit. Fast Easy here is a quick video tutorial to show you how fast it is to do it . Self Publish On Barnes And Noble


I’ve been nominated for by Circle of Moms for a few awards and they have brought new clients to my blog. I’ve won Top 25 Mompreneur Top 25 Mom Tech and now looks like Top 25 Author. Honestly I’m not a huge fan I know the numbers can easily be manipulated. I’ve seen bloggers with no following get thousands of votes in one day- Manipulated ( let me say at least I feel they are). However I will say that as a direct result of these contests I get pitched all the time for App reviews and more- all paid that have equaled hundreds of dollars in income for my blog.  So if you get the opportunity even though it’s a little silly it could mean extra income potential to make money with a blog.

Social Media

What you say?  “No one makes money from that?”  You would be %100 wrong. Not only have I landed major auditions for reality shows via social media and been paid, I’ve also received. numerous sponsors for my blog, consulting clients who have paid 100’s of dollars for a few hours of my time and more.  It’s not a mystery it’s just simple marketing, The more you are useful to others and promote services that truly help people the more you are viewed as the “expert”. When you become the expert people come to you and PAY you for your time. It happens to me all the time. I’m not bragging I’m sharing that so you know it can happen for you also.


There are so many different ways you can make money with a blog using sponsors. Sponsors can pay for trips to great events, they can provide you with products and services, they can pay you to advertise their service for a blog post or ad and the list goes on and on.  If you do want to get more sponsors for your blog you need to include that option on your tabs so they know you are interested.  Here is mine Sponsors And Advertisers On Mompreneur Mogul


I know there are thousands of other ways to make money with a blog so why don’t you add yours? I’d love to hear about your successes!




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    These are some great resources. I know of fiverr but I never considered how I could use it intelligently to put an ebook together. Thanks so much for the tip! I keep noodling about the idea of an ebook but (like EVERYBODY) am always hung up on time. What a smart idea to be more efficient, outsource part of the labor! Thanks for sharing 🙂
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