Why 2013 Predictions Are Useless What You Can Do Instead

I’ve been fighting a raging cold for over a week. Not the perfect start to the New Year. I started searching for inspiration to motivate and inspire each of you. I found many  2013 predictions but after a few minutes of reading most of the junk out there I realized 2013 predictions are basically useless. And nothing I wanted to share with you.  I found things like “Stay Positive” Wow that’s brilliant. I’m pretty sure we all know that. The trick with all of these 2013 predictions is “how” do we stay positive?  One way is by not meditating on bad thoughts, letting go of hurt feelings, not allowing others to manipulate you. Those things would have been a little more helpful.

The reason I don’t enjoy predictions is because most never come true and they are only the thoughts and beliefs of a single person. Basically useless. Honestly no matter how powerful you perceive that person to be you have to realize it’s just one person.

If you are wondering why I seem to be so against predictions it probably has something to do with how I was raised. My drunk father predicted I’d never do anything in life, have zero money, more children then I was able to care for and basically be begging for my food. Yes these are things he would speak over me constantly. I was also told I couldn’t sing and I should give it up. But I went on to perform for Chuck Schwab was featured on Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas special (cameo) and more.  So  you can see why I put zero stock in predictions.


I’d like  to give you some 2013 predictions that WILL make a difference in your life. If you follow these then this year will be filled with endless possibilites for you.


Don’t Listen to Predictions.

Only you control your destiny. Not me, not your favorite blogging critic, not your mama, not your dad, no other family member, not your kids, friends, spouse, only you. Now I’m not telling you to say to your spouse, “That’s it you don’t believe in me I’m leaving.” No I believe in marriage. What I am saying is your spouse or others may not have your same vision. Sometimes it may take them a little longer to come alongside your dreams and visions.  When I started this business and now my baby product the SnuggWugg Chad wasn’t sure how he felt. Now he’s on board. Occasionally it just takes a little time.


Do Something Different.

I believe in coaching. I’m a coach. I’ve seen the women in my Blogs To Riches Inner Circle really do some amazing things. I’m sure  for them deciding to make a change and an investment was scary. But they are now seeing results. You don’t have to take a class or coaching from me. But if you want to see different results you will have to DO something different. So take a class, or some coaching, or find something new to do. Change is amazing for creativity.


Take Action

All the resolutions in the world will not help you if you don’t act on them. So many times we get lost in the “research” and we never take action. You may not have all the answers right now but just take the first step. You may be surprised where that will lead. Many times we don’t take action because we are looking at the entire picture and get overwhelmed. Focus only on the first step then move to the next that will help and keep you from getting overwhelmed in the process.


Take Time For Those You Love

This past week I’ve been laid out with a cold and it stinks. However I’ve spent a lot more time relaxing with my daughter and my husband and realizing how precious that time truly is. It’s great to have drive and goals in life. But I’ve seen many “Guru” coaches loose their marriages. To me that is not success. I don’t know them personally and there are always two sides to every story of course. However if  all you do is work and ignore your loved ones soon you won’t have anyone to love. Take time for your loved ones.


Believe In Yourself.

I shared with you some things my dad spoke over me. I did have to do some work to get through those crappy thoughts. What would have happened if all I did was believe what he said instead of believe in myself? I’d probably be doing what he said instead of living the life I’m living now.

No person on earth is in control of your life. If you are not successful or happy the only responsible for your success or failure is you. I know that may be a harsh reality for some of you but it’s a truth you’ll have to face eventually if you ever want to move forward. Don’t allow pains from the past to control or dominate you. It’s just not worth it. No matter how big those pains may be you can overcome them all.


The Bible says a merry heart does good like medicine. Laughing is healing. Laugh hard and laugh often.


Leave Fear Behind

Fear is totally natural. We all deal with it. The only difference is that some of us move right through the fear while others allow fear to be a barrier to their success. It’s Ok to feel fear but move past it and challenge yourself.

Reflect On Your Success 

I must admit I stink on this tip. I rarely look back at what I’ve accomplished. Yet I know it’s so important. No matter how big or small take a moment to reflect on what you’ve done and tell yourself – Great Job!

I launched a coaching program

A Blogging Community

3 new blogs

Sold more Get Famous Books

Helped countless women ( and a few guys)

Won $15,000 From Huggies to launch my baby product the SnuggWugg

Created a product video

Raising the most beautiful baby girl

and a few other things. It’s your turn reflect on what you’ve accomplished this past year.

I hope that this 2013 is the greatest year of your life. I know you have dreams in your heart and I want you to achieve them all.  Now I want you to do something brave. List in the comments below what your dream is for 2013 then you can check back periodically and see how your doing. Something happens when you write it down. So write it in the comments and we will all be pulling for you.


Have a beautiful and Happy New Year And remember that YOU are in charge of your 2013 predictions.




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