Can’t We All Just Get Along? Does Social Media Guru Get You Fired Up?

Do you really care if a person is called a social media guru? Or any other type of guru? I would really like to know because I had a conversation with my girlfriend today about a person un-friending her. Does this next sentence bother you: Hi my name is Lisa and I’m a social media guru, entrepreneurial expert, blogger. content creator, author, life / business coach, speaker, and anything else I feel like being. OK obviously this is slight sarcasm. But I have to say that I’m not totally sure why so many people are upset if someone is called a social media guru, blogging guru, or any other guru. If you’re reading my blog for the first time you may not know my background. In a tiny nutshell I impersonated famous rock stars for a living and was really one of the top in my field. Not bragging I just studied behaviors and could sing so I was paid very well.  I’m not saying all the gurus out there are doing the same thing (impersonating) but what really makes a person a “guru”?  I know many people try to define that. And they list credentials, experience and more. But even if a person has all of that it still doesn’t mean that they know it all does it?

Funny thing I was at NMX and someone called me that. I was a little surprised and laughed but I thought….OK whatever. If by “guru” they mean I love to help people then yes I suppose I am. I really want to know what you think? Because this is what I’m thinking. If you are a social media guru  or any other type of guru then you will produce results. If you don’t I’ll figure that out pretty quickly and so will the rest of the world. This applies with any field in life.

I told a guy today that I met with that when we view a person via social media we are looking at that person through a very specialized & small lens.  It’s a lens that most of the time the person we are viewing is the one who created that lens.  That is the beauty of social media. It’s a great tool to build a brand from scratch. But when it comes to coaching you’ll have to provide real results or you won’t be a “guru” for very long.  ‘m not bothered at all by terminology. To me everyone is out there doing the absolute best they can. Each person trying to find unique ways to use the internet and learn to make money. Good for them.  Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could get along and not hate on each other? If someone is truly taking advantage of people then it will come back to bite them very quickly.

My girlfriend just told me today how a guy unfriended her on Twitter because she doesn’t tweet out everything but uses Triberr. Are we in grade school? I mean how dumb is that? I love Triberr it’s helped me to meet some really wonderful people including Dino himself who I have to say is a very cool guy.

I admire anyone who is using the internet to make money or try to improve a persons life.  I think if they can do it good for them. I’ve been successful so I know that it’s possible for anyone and everyone. Sometimes people get very mad when I say that it’s possible for anyone. It’s as if I’m giving false hope. How can true hope ever be false? It cannot.

Who is an expert anyway? I can tell you that I’ve heard enough speakers, authors and marketers share how they had no clue what they were doing when they first started, yet somehow they found their way and became very successful.  If you doubt a persons expertise then don’t work with them. It’s pretty simple.  As fellow marketer I think we could benefit more by just supporting each other. Every guru has to start at the same place….the beginning. Some people are truly paralyzed with fear and they never get started for fear that they have to have it all figured out before they begin. Good thing the Wright Brothers didn’t do that or none of us wold be flying today.  Lets support each other. Share tips and grow.

A guru is really just someone who knows a little more then you do and can help you move to another level. It’s not really a bad word like some believe. I don’t call myself that nor would I ever. But I don’t have an issue with others who do.

Together we can make a kinder interweb. What do you think?





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    Great post! I totally agree. And I’ve been called a Social Media Guru, Jedi, Maven, freak,…even expert. Which I am not and will say I’m not. You can’t be an expert at something that’s constantly evolving IMHO

    But people get excited because they are so frustrated with social media then you come in and create results. They tend to yell it from the roof tops. Lol

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