Great Tips To Work From Home [To Get You Paid]

Is it even possible to work from home and strike it rich? I believe it is if you avoid a few mistakes along the way. Most of us who wish to work from home do it because we want to spend more time with our family. So it makes no sense to create this fun business where you work from home and then you never spend time with the ones you love. One tip that will  help us to both enjoy our family and strike it rich is learning to create passive income. Passive income happens when you no longer have to exchange hours for money.  You put a project out there and it collects money for you while you sleep.  Is that possible to do that? Yes. An ebook is a perfect example. I wrote Get Famous and it makes money for me while I sleep. Great deal.

With all the technology we have at our finger tips there has never been a better time for us to work from home and strike it rich if you will then today. And by strike it rich I mean you make great money AND you enjoy family time. That is true wealth.  With the internet you can work from home and create business opportunities that will help yourself and your family. Internet marketing, and other business opportunities, affiliates and more make it possible for us to enjoy our lives.

One of the ways may businesses make money from home is by creating a blog. A blog can help bring great income. Via ads or paid posts, there are so many different options but blogs are an amazing tool for generating income. If you need help with your blog check out this video and link to learn more about a great community that’s free to join but also my coaching programs.

The much anticipated exclusive blogging community Blogs To Riches Club is set to launch August 27th join us.

The much anticipated exclusive blogging community Blogs To Riches Club is set to launch August 27th join us.

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Creating your own line of products is also a wonderful way to work at home. You could create a training video with a paypal link and add that to your site too. The list is endless.

Here are a few quick examples:

Do you have a talent? Sing like Marilyn Monroe? Go to and share that you’ll help others. Or

Are you good at writing business plans? Write a blog post all about a business plan, how valuable it is and at the bottom offer your services to write that.

Create an ebook from your top blog posts. It’s super easy. Load it up on Amazon and start selling. Or that’s a free service and very easy to use.

Sell your crafts on your blog.

Write a report that is very useful and charge  a small fee.

Create training videos that they can purchase at any time.  Once you’ve created those videos they continue creating income for you.

If you do want to work from home and strike it rich you need to avoid a few things.

Alright now that I’ve shared a few ideas. Here area a few mistakes to avoid if you really want to work from home and enjoy that home.

1. Don’t spend all your time on your business and zero with your family. That defeats the whole purpose.

2. Pick what you want to do and follow that. There are many ways to work from home but if you try to follow too many you’ll probably not make any money and that will leave you frustrated. So focus on one and move forward from there.

3. You can’t do it all no matter how hard you try.  You may need to outsource smaller tasks from time to time in order to free you up for better things like prospecting clients. Don’t try to be a one man island or soon you’ll go nuts and have a ball for a friend. ( Wilson from the movie Castaway)

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We discuss, email list building tips, tips to create a product and more. So watch the video and enjoy! Then share it with a friend. Below you’ll find all the links. Don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to do and how you are learning to make money from home or what your struggles may be.


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Here are the email list building tips

A Mompreneur Is Too Stupid To Run A Business


Become an Affiliate of Get Famous Mom Bloggers Resource



Disclaimer: I am not telling you that you’ll get rich. I am just sharing tips on how to make money from home. Your results are a related to your efforts alone.




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