A Mompreneur Is Too Stupid To Run A Business [Read Don’t Judge]

OOO I hope that title really pissed you off. Especially if you are a women who also happens to be a mompreneur. And if you are not a woman or a mom and you really do think that  a mompreneur is too stupid to run businesses then I really hope I’m about to piss you off. Now I know you may never openly admit “Hey I think a momprenuer is a little dopey. They are not that bright which is why they have too many kids and opt to stay home. Then they are not satisfied and thus create cutsie little businesses to fulfill their pitiful boring little lives. Poor little ragged and uneducated things” By the way a mompreneur is simply a mom ( meaning she has children) who also has a business. Nothing derogatory about it. As they say no one can make you feel inferior without permission and I never give them permission.

Seriously if you read into what some people say about Moms or especially Mompreneurs this is what they are thinking. So let me set the record straight and first let me say I normally don’t talk like this on my blog. If you’ve read it you know this is rare. But I’m about to let er rip. Oh and also I’ll say that I don’t tout I’m a mompreneur I’m a business coach and focus mostly on that aspect or the entrepreneurial aspect of my business. But here we go.

To all the elite and educated people in the world who look upon a mom in pity as two kids trail her, one is clutched in her arms yet while wiping one nose and shopping all at the same time, if it wasn’t for a mom like that YOU would’t even have gotten the chance for an education or to be “elite”.

After all it was a MOM who carried your sorry butt for 9 months. A MOM fed you, clothed you, changed  your nasty rank little diaper, allowed you to puke on her, drool on her, probably didn’t take a shower for days after you came into this earth with her, always put YOU first, rushed every time you cried, and finally carried your helpless little body every where you went for the first several months of your little independent life. Think about that next time you even dream of talking down about a mom who is also in business. Weird how quickly one can forget that simple fact.

To all the others who talk about mompreneurs as if they are all this little pitiful bunch of women who barely make ends meet and just make little barrets to sell out of their garage. Allow me to say this. Even if ALL a mom did was raise her kids and NEVER had a job and never launched a product she still is doing the most valued job in all the world.

Take a look at the prisons filled with people with sucky parents and you should figure out how valuable a mom really is. Next if she does sell barrets you need to be quiet and cheer her on. That project probably brings her great joy and like I said after forming and carrying a human being then caring for that baby 24 hours a day she deserves whatever joys in life she can muster.

To all the moms who do decide to work there is nothing wrong with you either. Working moms love their babies as much as anyone other mom they just decided to keep on working so kudos to them too.

Lastly to all the fruits and nuts who act like a mompreneur is too stupid to run a business, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. I won’t speak for all of us although I know some amazing moms but allow me to share my story.  I took care of an infant baby who had colic and reflux. If you don’t know what that means imagine the baby on the movies who projectile vomits about 4 feet then double that. Now imagine that baby cries every night for about 5 hours like clock work for 5 months straight.

That was my introduction to being a first time mom. But I had it easy other moms have babies in hospitals or other challenging situations. During that time I wrote my first book, launched this award winning blog you are reading, worked with corporate clients, consulted for major social media companies and the  list continues. Oh and this mom just won a grant from Kimberly-Clark and Huggies one of the largest names in kids products the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant  for her little idea the SnuggWugg® to the tune of $15,000. Not bad.

I heard a Ted Talk with Jill Salzman from Founding Moms. She was sassy and a great speaker and I liked her immediately. She was totally defending how valuable moms are as far as the buying public. After all we are the largest buying percentage out there. But she made the statement “unlike the usual assumption these moms just aren’t creating baby products at their kitchen table….” Jill wasn’t being rude she loves moms and the talk was awesome all about how moms make the best entrepreneurs so you should check it out. And Jill if you see this I think you are fabulous and a brilliant speaker. Everything she said in her talk was true and wonderful. But I knew she’s heard that stereotype a million times, and it really irked me.

If you are a mom reading this I hope you post your comment and tell me how you feel about this and then share all the awesome things you do so the world can see.

To everyone else:  The next time you are even tempted to look down at a mom. Remember this. When you were a baby you were helpless and puny. You needed your bottom wiped and your food shoved in. You would have been a stinky mess if it wasn’t for your mom taking time to run your bath, wipe your face, and clean the green beans off your face that most days you spit in hers. Only for her loving hands to daily try to feed them to you again because she knew you needed them in order to grow and be strong.

She wiped every tear, cleaned every scrape, ran to you each time you cried, told you it would be OK when others didn’t like you, laughed with you, cried with you and played with you. And if you didn’t have mom like that then you probably understand how valuable it would have been to have a mom like that.

So when you see a mom walk past, if she’s struggling with kids in tow looking like a hot mess because she’s had a toddler pulling on her all day help her.  She’s probably tired from putting everyone else first all day every day until they are 18 years old.  Remember, what you see before your eyes : She is a fierce force to be reckoned with. She is fearfully and wonderfully made, she is kind, she is loving, she takes charge, she’s a counselor, a friend, a doctor of small wounds, a teacher, a nurse, a playmate, she’s a woman, and she is NOT stupid. And a mompreneur can wipe a nose, kiss a scraped knee, read a book and turn a profit all at the same time what about you?  And for all those women who are not moms you are equally wonderful.

A mom is the greatest gift ever given to this planet and when she walks past you better RECOGNIZE because as the old saying goes “She brought you into the world she can bring you out.” I like to say “A mom brought you into this world now show her the respect she deserves until it’s HER time to go out.”  Now all the moms said…………




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      Thank you so much Ruth. Welcome. I know exactly what you mean working from adds an entirely new element to our business. I’m excited that you have found a way to be with your kids and work from home too. It’s really the best of both worlds.

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    Loved this, Lisa! Couldn’t have said it better myself and *thank you* for the mention. You totally get the talk and I’m glad you understand where I was coming from when I said what I said. Kudos to you!

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    Well said Lisa. I know I am an amazing mom that takes care of a child with several disabilities and still I run a successful business. It is important for a mom to have balance and live their dreams. In turn it is what helps you to be a great mom too. I have no regrets! And seeing my child thrive and one that inspires the world with her tenacious determination to strive for independence there is no one that can tell me that I am too stupid to run a business because I am a mompreneur.


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