Make Money With Affiliate Marketing-Tips For EXTREME Success

It’s no secret that you can make money with affiliate marketing. What does seem to be a secret is how people are actually making money online by promoting other people’s products. There are a few simple tips that you can follow that will really help you be more successful when trying to make money with affiliate marketing. And there are some very specific things NOT to do at least if you want to make money with your affiliates. Lets start with some quick tips that will help you make money as an affiliate.

Align your affiliate product with your audience.

This should be a no brainer but it’s not. I write for women so I won’t be sharing a link to viagra any time soon, or how to stop balding. For the most part those things won’t interest my audience. But I know many of you come here and you want to make money with your blog. So I offer products that help you do that. I have two of my own Get Famous a book for mom bloggers and Pitch The Media Like A Pro. This is great for driving more traffic to your website, building your email list fast and positioning yourself as an expert.

Add A Review With Your Affiliate Product

Many times people just throw a banner up and then wonder why no one is buying their affiliate product. When you are looking for a product don’t you look for reviews? Of course. Why? Because if other people think a product is good chances are you might too. Write a compelling review with your affilate product. Then after you write a great review include what others have said about your affiliate product, add great images, videos or other things that will help lead people to a decision. That’s a great way do make money with affilate marketing. Basically you are including valuable content with your product. That adds credibility to your offer.

Work With A Team

I have a lot of amazing bloggers that follow me and together we can all promote a product writing compelling blogs posts and use the power of a team to promote that offer. It’s a win win for everyone. If you’d like to be included in offers and also receive exclusive tips that I only offer my subscribers I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter for cool offers.

Promote Products With Great Sales Pages

If you are promoting a product and the sales page looks unprofessional then the affiliate product will be perceived in the same manner.

Perception is reality as they say to make sure their perception of what you are offering is top notch.I work hard on my sales pages to make sure when my affiliates are promote my products they have the tools they need.

Use Simple Services To Help Your Affiliates Become Successful

I’m using JVzoo currently and I also use Click Bank. JVzoo is super easy to use especially for my affiliates. If you’re process is too complicated it doesn’t matter how good the product is you’ll have a hard time attracting affiliates.

Information Page For Affiliates

I created a simple page Here for my affiliates . If you are a product creator make it as easy as possible for people to promote your products.

I hope this was helpful and I know you’ll love the first time your affiliate sales come in. Feel free to share your best affiliate tips below.

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