Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs To Follow In 2013 [Infographic]

I just finished writing my latest product that is offered with Pitch The Media Like A Pro called Email List Building Empire. In that I include some amazing tips to grow your email list. I also talk about how to market your blog. And then there was Nicole. First of all I have to thank her for listing me as one of the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs To Follow In 2013. Actually she listed Mompreneur Mogul as the number one Top 50 Mompreneur Bogs To Follow In 2012. Now of course I love that. However being a marketer makes your eyes really notice things others may not. I could not help but notice how clever Nicole was. You see while  people are sharing they are on the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs To Follow In 2013  Nicole is happily marketing her site. Smart girl. What do I think about that? I think she’s super clever so I’m giving her a shout out by saying so.

You can use Nicole’s example and use it to drive traffic to your own site. She taps into the most basic human traits- our desire to hear about ourselves. Not in a bad way but who doesn’t love to hear good things about themselves?

So of course I’ll post her infographic promoting her site. Again a smart move on Nicole’s part. And of course it’s the least that all of us can do is lend a hand to her after she went through all the work of promoting our blogs too. It’s a win for everyone. Nicole also tapped into the strategy we hear so often, give, give, give. She took the time to create this super cute graphic, contacted everyone for permission first for the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs To Follow In 2013 and then promoted it.

I love when any woman comes up with a clever idea to market their site. So you go girl! And thanks for adding me because of course who doesn’t love to be #1.

Although I have to admit when you look at the list of all the Mompreneurs most of the women really should be in the #1 spot too.

So I’m thankful and I’m happy to promote Nicole as she is so graciously promoting us all.

And to all the awesome Mompreneurs on this list- you are all number one!

Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs to Follow in 2013 By:

Infographic Courtesy of: Mompreneur Media Inc.





  1. Nicole Orozco says

    I agree, Lisa. All of these ladies are #1! In fact, placing everyone was what I struggled with the most because they all are #1 and deserve to be at the top of the list.

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I really do appreciate it!


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