How To Discover Your True Life Purpose

Destiny. Purpose.  Everyone talks about them but do we really know what they mean. How do we find our destiny? Do we have actually have a true life purpose? I believe we do. I believe YOU do. Is your purpose running a successful business? Raising a family? Perhaps both? I never think that business is our only purpose we all have so much more within us.  Only you will be able to decide what your true purpose is.

In today’s short post I’d like to give you a few tips that may help you discover your true life purpose based on what I’ve discovered in my own quest for my purpose  and hopefully you’ll find it useful. By the way- Please let me know what would really be helpful to you and I’ll try to cover those topics in my upcoming blog posts. Just add it to the comment section below.

In order to discover your true life purpose you’ll probably have to let go of a few things. This may be a hobby taking up too much time, extended hours wasted on Facebook (I like Facebook but it can be a time robber) cutting some people loose who appeared as  a friend but never have time for you, all of  these things will rob you of your purpose. Why? Well some are time wasters and some are emotional black holes. Both are not helpful to your purpose.

I know this first hand because I have had to cut a few things loose lately. I had about 10 things too many (truth be told actually more) on my plate. I run a successful coaching group with a great bunch of women called Blogs To Riches Inner Circle. When that launched I also started a blogging community. I started this community for anyone wanting to make money blogging. It grew fairly quickly but I realized that my passion was linked more closely to helping the women I coached one on one more so than managing that community.

Besides that I am launching my baby product in a few months, and writing another book. There are only so many hours in the day. Plus I’m a mom to a two year old I know many of you understand how busy that makes you. So I took my successful blogging community and I cut the chord.

I closed shop. It was a little challenging but if you want to discover your true life purpose then the quicker you cut loose those things that you are not passionate about the more clear your true purpose will become. I love working with the women who have come to me for blog coaching they are all amazing. Now we meet in our VIP Facebook group and it’s great.

I’ve also discovered saying NO is the most freeing word in the english vocabulary. No I don’t have time to do that show, no I can’t add all my content so you can build your site, no I don’t want to coach there, No thank you. Just say no you’ll feel really jiggy inside when you do.

Learn to let go of  “so called” friends. This is a word I’ll use loosely. Some people in life come on very friendly but the reality is you will learn very quickly if they are a true friend. Friends take time to listen to you, to help you, to encourage you. If they never have time for you – cut them loose  it’s not your best choice for a friendship. No point draining your emotions wondering what happened, why don’t they call, why are they always busy, simply put they’re just not that into you. And that’s OK because when you cut them loose another true friend will make their way right to you.


This is a weird one I know but if you are really dreading a task chances are that’s not your true life purpose. What comes easily for you is probably what you were meant to do. There are a few things like that for me. Singing, helping women, encouraging those who have been beaten down, standing up for a person’s dream when people tell her she’s crazy, I’m really great at those things.

So this year is a year of shifts for me. And in order for those shifts to take place I’ll be letting go.

To sum it up  here are a few quick things to help you determine your true purpose in life.

1. What comes natural to you?

2. Let go of time wasters be they “friends” or hobbies.

3. Just because someone else makes money that doesn’t mean it will do the same for you especially if you don’t enjoy it. (I launched my community because I thought it would be helpful to others. It was but I realized that I had to spend too much time maintaining it and that was taking time away from my other clients who mean so much to me. Plus with everything happening this year with my baby product the SnuggWugg it just didn’t make sense. Even though it was successful I shut it down money doesn’t always mean success.)

4. Live the formula for a happy life. Friends+Family+Health+Loving What You Do= Money, Joy & Purpose.

If you have money but lose your family that’s not your purpose. If you have your family but your always frustrated something is out of balance.

5. Never fear change. Sometimes finding your true purpose means trying different things. That’s OK you’re not parked in cement you can go with the flo. If you try something and you don’t like it then try something new.

6. Life is very short. The Bible says it’s like a vapor- thats super fast in case you’ve never watched a vapor. Don’t spend it wandering. Do what  you love, and if you have to do other things right now to get by that’s OK just work on your dream at the same time. Never give up, don’t allow anyone to tell you what you cannot do. – I made a video that some of you may have seen. If not I’ll include it here. I grew up with a father who loved to tell me that I’d do nothing. I suppose I set out to prove him wrong but after time I forgave him and just lived my life. But listening to his words taught me a very valuable lesson. Never allow another soul to tell you what is not possible. You dream and make it happen.

Live Boldly, Laugh Loudly.

Now -What step will you take in discovering your true purpose?

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