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If you’ve been to my blog you already know I’m a first time mom. If you’re new here- Newsflash, I’m a first time mom. That alone should tell you most everything you need to know about me and my struggles with something like potty training. Translation= Everything is a huge deal to me LOL. I am bravely navigating the potty training phase and I have to admit I’m desperate and looking for any potty training tips I can find. I talked to my male friend yesterday and he said, “My wife is always saying, “Let’s go to the potty.” He said I just think,”I can’t deal with this right now.” I’m thinking I must have a lot of male genes that’s exactly what I do. I’ve read a ton of potty training tips and my daughter won’t follow any of them. So when another mom wrote and said, I have a potty training app  I created that may help called Potty Training With The Animals would you like to review it? The answer was, “I’ll try anything!

Potty training tips

OK this post is about two things, well maybe more than two. It’s my review of this super cute potty training app, and it’s a plea for help from you.  First my review.

Potty Training With The Animals is a very simple cute app. Simple is good because who has time to navigate through 20 screens when you have a naked baby on a potty? Not me. The animals are fun, sounds are good and the artwork is great for kids. I let Matilda play with it and she loved the kitty meow and then laughed- kid tested kid approved. (In my book)  All you do is guide the animals to the potty by clicking an arrow. Simple. The idea is that as your child sees the animals go potty they too will go potty.  You can learn more by visiting their Potty Training With The Animals Site Here.

Back to my earlier plea for help. How can you help me? I’m so glad you asked.(Don’t you just love how I answer for you?)

Please leave your best potty training tips to help me with Matilda. As a thank you for your awesome help I will select  winners at random and you can try this Potty training app for yourself. Or send it to a friend.

Let me tell you how potty training goes for me.

Me,”Matilda let’s go use big potty.” Matilda, “No”

Me, “Yes”

I take her in set her down she sits for two seconds jumps up yells “Whoa.”

As if there is a great accomplishment left behind. There is none! I say,”Try again” She says, “No” and I give up.

Please help me!  Leave your potty training tips below in the comments 🙂

Potty training tips


Disclosure: I was sent a code for this app free of charge for review and was compensated for my time. However I only share with you products I believe in or have helped me. And I really did love the simplicity of this potty training app.




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    You’re going to have to forgive me listing links, but I’ve written a couple of good posts that might help. Big hugs!

    Why I refuse to Potty Train: http://www.dgmommy.com/2012/01/3-reasons-i-refuse-to-potty-train.html
    Potty Without Training: http://www.dgmommy.com/2012/02/potty-without-training.html

    Most of all – Don’t stress! That’s the perfect way to get your cutie to refuse!
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