Highlights From Tory Johnson’s Spark And Hustle PLUS I’m On ABC News

I have some really great business advice to share with your from my recent trip to Phoenix while I attended  Tory Johanson’s  Spark And Hustle event for women business owners ( some men came too so everyone is welcome). As a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner I was very fortunate because Huggies sponsored me at the event and I had a great time. I met some wonderful women in business of course, and I love Tory Johnson because she is super smart and Coach Jenn Lee was killer too.  The speaker line up was also really great.  Oh wait! Did I tell you SnuggWugg is on ABC news April 1st? Yes we are. Cool right?  They are showcasing my baby product  and 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner the SnuggWugg® and interactive diaper changing pillow with a smart phone option. As baby products that are trending. I’m on WMBB-TV Panama City Fl  with Jessica Foster and I’m very excited. Dont’ forget to check that out! Please and share or tweet it would mean the world to me.

Ok back to Spark & Hustle with Tory Johnson.  I want to share just a few of the highlights from this powerful women’s business meeting. I will say if you’ve not been to Spark And Hustle before be sure to visit the Tory Johnson’s website  because chances are they are coming to a city near you.

You may be asking “What is Spark & Hustle?”- According to the website they say it’s  “Two days of hands on guidance to plot the next moves in your business.” I have to say I agree.

You may also recognize Tory Johnson from  Good Morning America. Although being connected with a show that famous is cool that is not what impresses me most about Tory. I really enjoyed hearing her own personal story. Why she is helping women and why it is so vital to her that you really learn how to get your business profitable and fast.

I won’t ruin it for you by telling you Tory Johnson’s story because if you see her in person she’ll tell you herself. But part of the story is about not allowing others to control your destiny and having your own business and being an entrepreneur and especially a woman entrepreneur is truly your path to freedom, success, and happiness.

So on to some great moments.

One thing I loved about Spark & Hustle is immediately they have you working. Don’t worry ladies it’s fun work. But they do expect you to think. They give you a work sheet and then ask some very powerful questions.

Who are your competitors?

Why do you like them?

What words describe them?

What’s standing in the way of your success?

What are some pitfalls?

What do you want people to say about you and your business?

And so much more.

One thing that was also valuable was Spark & Hustle’s Pitch session with Tory & Jenn Lee. This is where you share your elevator pitch about your business. You can learn just as much by listening as you can by pitching. But everyone gets a chance to lay it out there. And you’ll be glad if you do. Tory will have some great tips and between her and Jenn Lee you’ll have lots of laughs too. They have a fun dynamic between the two of them.

Another super valuable piece for me was they evaluate and hand back your pitch with some tips- Great idea.

Tory Johnson also spoke about the “money thing”. Again this was a powerful component of moving forward with your small business because sometimes we spend too much energy on the wrong sources. What Tory did that was really brilliant was break down your business model into powerful yet simple questions to see how much money you will need to make and what areas in your small business you should focus on the most in order to achieve your goals.

For example if you are a business coach (as I am in addition to my baby product) they will ask, “What percentage of your business needs to come from speaking, books or product sales, coaching etc:.  What is so great about this exercise is that if you really want to have more money coming from your speaking events yet you focus mostly on your products than you are missing a piece.

The money portion was super helpful.

Another takeaways from Spark & Hustle was the theme throughout the event and a message to everyone in the room- Focus.  It seemed to keep coming back again and again. As other business owners in the room spoke and asked questions you could tell some were scattered, some undecided, but as they started to get some focus everything fell into place. It was great to witness.

I also have to say that I absolutely loved listening to Ron Cates from Constant Contact and Stacey Caron of Spellbinders Paper Arts. Not only did she have this very powerful story that I could relate to as  Mom Inventor but she was so personable and helpful.  I have to say she was very inspiring to me. Here we are together. Obviously I can’t tell you everything that happened at Spark And Hustle in this single blog post. But I will tell you I enjoyed the event immensely. Plus I got in a little room service and gym activity a rare find for a mom of a small toddler.

One thing I discovered about my own business is that when I walked away I walked away knowing that the services I provide are really powerful and help business owners. Some people don’t always appreciate business coaches. But I have to tell you there was a precious woman who sat and told me how she had spent nearly $100,000 on her business and was no better for it. If I was able to have met her before she spent all that money I could have helped prevent that mistake. But I was able to inspire her to let it go and move forward so I trust what I shared was helpful.  Be sure to attend Spark and Hustle when they come to town I know you’ll be happy you did.

Spark & Hustle

Lisa Cash Hanson 2012 Huggies Grant Winner & Stacey Caron



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