Top 10 Best Jobs For Moms And One Stinky One

As a Mompreneur I’m a asked all the time about the best jobs for moms. Let’s face it many of us want to be work at home moms but we don’t want that work to take over our lives or take time from our families. That defeats the whole purpose of working at home right? So in my  search for the best jobs for moms here is my top 10 list. Yes only 10. Long lists take too much time so let’s get to the good stuff right away. Why are these my best jobs for moms? Because you can do these jobs and still have time for your family. Because I believe if you become rich but lose your family in the process than you are ultimately broke. I also want you to be encouraged because if you want to be a work at home mom there is absolutely no better time than the present and the opportunities are endless for you.  So lets get on with my list and see if we can find something that may help you too.

1. Blogging

There are so many ways you can make money with a blog that I could make an entire post out of that topic alone. I have to tell you that blogging has been very good to me. And if you are a stay at home mom than I believe blogging is a great option for you too.  The number one mistake that people make when trying to make money with a blog is to  think that the blog all by itself  will magically attracts dollars. When launching your blog you are building your “brand”. You should write posts that are fun, informative, and helpful. Begin right away advertising either your own product if you sell something or another’s persons product.

I have an affiliate page you can sell my blogging book or my other programs. But there are many to choose from. With a blog you can write sponsored posts, sell ads, sell recipes, write reports, make videos and more. You can also consult for companies which I’ve done many times.  If you have a blog and want to learn more please check out my coaching for  your blog. I have the best community of women who are growing and learning and they inspire each other their success inspires me  daily.

2. Coaching

This is another field that is really endless. You can be a coach for any subject really ( if you have some insight).  For example I’d probably pay for a potty training coach LOL. For Matilda of course not for me. I’ve never seen that yet although one may exist. But there are health coaches, business coaches, life coaches and more. I do a bit of both ( life and business).  You can coach hourly, by phone, by email. Again it’s endless. Coaches make great money.

3. Writing

You can be paid to write posts for other websites, ghost write for books, write copy for ads ( if you know how to do that) write ebooks and more. Visit my friend Darren Rowse he has a great blog and a Job Board you can find even more opportunities there. Plus you can add your services to websites like Odesk & Elance.

4. Ebooks and Info Products

One of my favorite things about having informational products online is that they really sell themselves. I wrote my book Get Famous  a great resource for mom bloggers and it sells on it’s own. So that means sometimes I check my email and money is waiting for me. That’s great. Recently I launched another product called How To Pitch The Media Like a Pro and it’s the same thing. You too can create an informational product. I have some women I’ve coached they’ve never written a book before and now they have and it’s doing great on Amazon. that is wonderful to see.

5. Virtual Assistants

If you have a gift for organization you could be a VA. I’m not great at that and as a matter of fact I’m looking for one now. ( See an opportunity for you perhaps) But if you can are good with social media, or write emails or organize this could be the perfect job for you.  Create a google search for virtual assistants and see what comes up. I think it’s definetley one of the best jobs for moms. This is a great company to contact and they can help you International Virtual Assistants Association  or IVAA

6. Invent A Product

Many moms have created baby products, cool hair pins or other toys for kids. Why can’t that be you? It can. I invented the SnuggWugg® it’s an interactive diaper changing pillow and my SnuggWugg also won the 2012 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant. The key to this is don’t think of everything you don’t know how to do. Just take the first step and then the next step will be clear. Many women have created entire empires from one great idea. Why can’t you?  Also learn about the Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program here and they’ll give you money for your idea if it’s chosen.

7. Affiliates

You can become an affiliate for anyone.  That means that you sell their product and you get the money. It’s a great way for any mom who wants to work from home to make money. There are some keys to becoming an affiliate so do a little research and I’m sure you can do well.

You can become mine here.

8. Surveys

There are many places you can do surveys. My sister-in-law, Charlotte is really the queen of surveys takes them all the time and it adds a little income to their family and it does not take time away from her daughter. Some of these are her favorites. I work with Buzz Agent and they are a great site for all types of campaigns so sign up here- Surveys  Here is one of Charlotte’s Survey Savvy.


best jobs for moms

9. Tweet

I know it’s crazy but you can get paid for sending a Tweet.  Yes I use it and yes I get paid. It’s not going to make you rich but it will buy you some coffee or makeup 🙂 And hey every little bit helps right ? Just click this banner and sign up. Then they will send you advertisements and you tweet them out a few times then get paid. Super easy.

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10. Customer Service Representative

Many companies are looking for customer service agents. This is perfect and one of the best jobs for moms. I also found a great resource for all Work At Home Moms and that is what it’s called. So I hope you visit because they post jobs there daily. Visit the link WAHM.

11. Mompreneur

I know I know I said ten. But you know I have to over deliver

And this is not a stinky one that was just my sneaky way to get you to click on the post that I know you needed so badly. Did it work?  Ok. So my number 11 best jobs for moms is…..drumroll please-  MOMPRENEUR.

I have to say that although these mom jobs listed are great nothing beats working for yourself. I bet that you have a gift or a skill set that you could create a business around.  If you have no idea what to do I’m going to help you.  Brainstorm business ideas. Write 10 on a piece of paper. Then call your local S.C.O.R.E. office. What’s SCORE? Click it and see. You will love them. They have free counselors standing by either by phone, email or in person. They can help you with your dream.  Or if you would like my help you can click on my contact page  click the “pick my brain” segment and we can schedule a call to get you going.  Either way I believe in you!


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  1. says

    A really great and helpful post! I love it when mom bloggers/entrepreneurs write posts with REAL hints, tips and advice (such as the Twitter one) rather than all the usual “How to manage your time” and “How to set up a home office”. Don’t get me wrong, these are great and useful and have their own place. However, most WAHMs I know just want some real strategies to make some money, which you have in bundles in the post. I helps that you’re actually doing it yourself so can give real advice. Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Kim Constable recently posted..Kim’s Blog : Can I Make Money Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant (VA)?My Profile

  2. Bethany K says

    Thanks for the info! I am going to venture into staying at home starting in June. So far, we won’t NEED the second salary, but you never know what the future holds!


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