Down & Dirty- Nitty Gritty Get Shorty With Blog Posts

I think I may start a new series called down and dirty nitty gritty. Why? Because I can of course why else? Plus I think I’ll go against every piece of blogging advice I’ve ever heard. I like being a rebel sometimes. If you read one of my earlier posts I talked about keeping it short. The comment section of that post was longer than the post. Interesting actually. So in an effort to entertain you and keep you informed at the same time I’m going to just shoot off every thought that’s in my head in this single post. Let’s see how it goes and I’m going to keep it short.

After you’ve read 102 blog posts on how to build an email list do you think you finally have it figured out? If not can you write the 103 post and tell me why not?

Why is it that PR companies (who I love by the way) get paid by their clients but then ask all the bloggers to promote that very same client for free? (scratching my head over that one)

If you’re having an issue getting more blog traffic maybe you should try blogging about a platypus. I mean we’ve all seen a zillion posts about marketing and blogging but seriously how many platypus posts do you see? By the way can  you say “platypus posts” 20 times? I”m thinking no.

What is the attention span of the average blog reader does anyone really know?

What is the attention span of the average blog reader does anyone know? OH you realized that I already said that. That’s great that means you have at least the span of 1.5 seconds great job.

Why so some women say  they want to support each other but then shoot a look like they want to pluck your eyes out if you get blessed with a great opportunity? Don’t like that one? OK moving right along.

If I didn’t “build it” than can someone please come over and make these extra calls to manufacturers, return emails to advertisers, build products, launch products and promote those products. Because  I am dog tired from all this non building that I’ve been doing.

You probably can make a lot more money than you think blogging. Learn to ask for it as if you are worth it because you are.

Finally if you were deserted on a desert island what is the absolute last type of blog post that you’d like to be stranded with? Leave that little nugget in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this totally bizarre ramblings in my head at almost 2 am Vegas time share with a friend.

My name is Lisa and I approve this message. I’m a brand consultant and mom blogger who many times is teetering on the edge of insanity. Today you caught me in the middle.





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