This Mommy Blogger Loves The Wall Street Journal So Shut Up




Maybe shut up is not the best word. Perhaps what I mean is I don’t really care about what some people say about mom bloggers. For I have to say that for the most part I work hard to steer clear of all the mommy blogger drama? Why? Because it’s stupid, it’s like girls in high school all over again and I don’t like drama. I  never have. I’ve managed to stay out of most of it, except recently when I was attacked by said “mommy bloggers” because they thought I was hurting someone who gave them something. But I have to say this mommy blogger loves The Wall Street Journal and I think that you should to. Why would I say that?

The number one reason? As a result of The Wall Street Journal and their article mommy bloggers are getting a lot of attention. I know some say it’s not all positive but it puts mommy bloggers out there for all the world yet again. Also I’ve been in The Wall Street Journal and they were great to me. For another, I like one of the reporters at the journal (if you’re reading you know who you are)

The old saying about all press is good press is true.  The Wall Street Journal once again helped put mommy bloggers in the forefront and companies who have access to us know that it’s very beneficial to their business to partner with us. Which is exactly why they come calling all the time. I can tell you that offers have not stopped pouring in for my blog, or money, or anything for that matter. And I can bet they probably haven’t stopped pouring in for you either.

I’ve seen all the “We need to do something now.” “They have no respect.”  But my  question is (if that’s even true)  “Who really cares?” I don’t know about you but I don’t get my worth or value from The Wall Street journal, or other mommy or mom  bloggers. My worth comes straight from my maker and the last I checked they are  not Him.

They say the journal was insulting but the journal also added this in regards to mom blogging events and money spent by brands” Mr. Candelino declined to specify the cost of sponsorship. “It’s not inconsequential,” he says. Sponsorships for the other 24 brands taking part in the event started at $10,000 each….”

Now I’m no math major but if major brands are shelling out this type of cash for events then mom bloggers e don’t have to prove ourselves – We already have.

I’m a stay at home mom. I don’t want to go into detail of all the things I’ve accomplished in my business in this time but I can tell you it’s a lot. BUT I’m with Matilda (at this time I don’t have a nanny or even my mama she lives in TN) all day every day. I can tell you many days I’m a woman on the edge. Every parent reading this post should be able to relate to those feelings.

So if you DO want to get away from your child for  a weekend it probably just means you’re a great parent who cares for both the sanity of your child as well as your own.

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So here are just a few quick thoughts and you can take it or leave it whatever floats your boat. OH and if you’re coming to my site for drama you can forget that I’m a no drama mama.

1. The Wall Street Journal is great because they are letting the world know we matter. After all if people don’t make a difference in life generally the rule of thumb is that you just don’t bother talking about them.

2. What someone eles says against me makes absolutely no difference in my world and it shouldn’t in yours either.

3. “They have no respect”! Well who cares? Haven’t you figured out that you can’t make everyone love you? If not come and talk to me I’ll show you about 1200 negative comments from one of my media appearances or the nasty emails I get for a simple grammar mistake. Or the attacks from other bloggers who say cyber bulling is wrong yet came and trolled on me.  Everyone won’t love you – Get over it.

4 I don’t care if you call yourself “Mom, Mommy, Momprenuer, woman blogger, mommy blogger or pickled pink pooky blogger I really don’t give a rats hooo ha and it’s time you stop flipping out over it to. What do you care what a woman wants to call herself? And it’s only degrading if you think it is or you allow yourself to feel put down – Which I refuse.

As the wise Ms Eleanor Roosevelt once said

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Women in the blogosphere would be wise to stop giving their consent. Life is short and it’s too short to give my peace away. Today I will decide to keep it – How about you?


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