A Letter To My Husband Our Toddler, Business & Sex Life (Not in that order)

I’m going to get a little personal and I hope you’re fine with that. Today I thought I’d try to give you a peek into our lives so maybe we can all just have a laugh together. As a matter of fact maybe every Sunday will be personal Sunday and we can all just have a personal sharing love fest what do you think?

I know that there are a lot of men who sneak and read my blog. I also know many of you who follow are women. I’m so thankful to both. I get some great emails from you all, sometimes asking, “How do you do it all.” I can tell you see me as someone who much of the time has it totally together. I showed you an image of my desk a while back to bust that myth but after careful and deep thought I realize more is needed. Much more.
I thought perhaps you’d like to eaves drop on a letter to my husband. One of which I know he’ll never see because he is not online or on Facebook or anywhere. He has zero desire and I’m fine with that. So here we go:



Dear Chad,

When we met I was in a white bikini on the back of your boss’s boat singing “Two Tickets To Paradise”. You had the “hungry eyes” and I could tell something was happening between us. Against the warnings of my best friend not to jump on the back of your Harley I did it anyway and was twitterpated from that day on.

I know I went to the gym all the time, had perfectly kept hair and make-up. It was easy to do because at the time I was not changing a diaper filled with poop,  crying over writing a business plan, crying over the stress of my product (I know lots of crying) or trying to get dinner together in between meetings.

Fast forward. I stopped singing in clubs to give birth to our beautiful little girl Matilda. We were like two naive angels in the hospital as she sat there in total silence. Until the day they released us.

Colic came and so did 7 hours of screaming. Like clock work every night it happened. Night after night of pacing the floors, sleepless nights and projectile vomiting, on my legs, on my arms, on every piece of clothing I owned, you our dog, and the bed, well it put our life into a tail spin.

Needless to say most days if I had a pony tail in  my hair I was doing pretty good. My body changed but of course it’s a work in progress. I’m working on my progress. When the crying finally stopped we thought it would be a little easier.

That’s until we realized Matilda had both of our dominant personalities packed into one tiny little body. Our days are filled with “NO!” Kicking, hitting, time outs, and non stop energy from our little bunny  from sun up to sun down.

You work your but off in the Vegas heat, and I love you for it. Meanwhile I’m at the house, blogging, coaching, taking care of Matilda, and launching a baby product. I know you say you know it’s hard but when you come home and every dish we own is in the sink , a weeks worth of laundry is on the bed, house a total wreck, I can see the “Did you do anything today” look on your face. Thankfully You’ve been pretty good about it, most days.

Some days you think my dreams are nuts but most of the time you just “go with it”.

You think it’s funny that I do videos, Google chats and others with my hair fixed and makeup completely on. Why? Because you know when you come home I have a shirt with holes, smudged makeup from the night before and hair up in no cute way whatsoever.

After the day is done, Matilda has run crazy all day and every minute, I’ve tweeted, FB, talked to my clients, answered emails, tried to help some other women, talked with about a zillion business people, and crash on the bed. The day is done I made it!

Suddenly I can feel you creeping.

I try to be a perfect wife but we both know we’ve been delivered from fantasy island.

So some nights it’s good night, and others it’s WOW what a night. LOL It is what it is.

I want to tell you that I appreciate everything you. That somehow in the middle of the insanity we still find time to laugh and have fun. Like the many times I try to tell you how to drive and you flip the vanity mirror and say, “Oh is there a steering wheel on your side? NO but there is a mirror. Sit there, be quiet and look pretty.” Annoying but you’re funny.

That although not all of our dreams are realized we are well on our way. That your dedication is allowing me to serve others and for that I feel blessed.

That even though you don’t always see that girl in the bikini, hair fixed, makeup on  but instead you see a new chic wearing a shirt with holes, hair a mess, and no makeup somehow by the grace of God you think I’m sexy.

I’m pretty sure your prescription lenses need checking.

So thanks for all you do.


Your non cooking, non kitchen cleaning, almost borderline hoarding wife,


PS – I’m really not a hoarder although you joke about it we both have seen the show I still have a long way to go before that happens.

PSS For those of you reading due to the sex life comment – We have a toddler how much did you really expect to read here? 🙂

 So what about you? Do you have a mini note you want to write about your family, your life? Did this remind you of something you are thankful for?






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    Wow Lisa, this could just about be the same letter I would write to my hubby, minus the bikini and singing that is! It was so much easier working outside the home than it ever has been work from home. I also struggle with my in-laws not understanding what it is I do and why my house frequently looks like a tornado hit it. With 3 small children who constantly need my attention and trying to launch a business at the same time, all while juggling housework etc., my life can get a little chaotic. Its always nice to know someone else knows what its like!

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    Your post brought back so many memories for me of the last 41 years with my lovely lady. Yes, no matter what they look like at the end of the day they are always beautiful to us. Beauty is much more than just the look, it’s what we feel inside for what we have both been through over those years and the years cannot diminish that. Thanks again.
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      Harold thank you so much for that 🙂 I’m sure your lady is so appreciative that you find her beautiful. I always love to hear that especially with couples who’ve been together for 41 years:) You’ve inspired me today. Thank you.

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    I hope you can show him this letter. I know he will appreciate it! I thought of you when I read this today. Philippians 4:5b-6 says, “The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
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