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I love meeting people via my social media channels and I favor twitter more than another other social media site that I use. So today when I was checking my @Mompreneurmogul mentions  one of my cool followers tweeted: “Lisa you’re the star in my video.”  Hmm really? Who doesn’t love that?


So I checked out this coolio twitter video from Vizify and it was awesome. Not only did Joshua’s video  showcase me but his other followers as well plus some fun things about his profile  I’ve been looking for ways to showcase my followers and give them some extra love and  here comes Vizify. Let me say I’m not being paid by them to share this so don’t expect to see the disclosure that I don’t need.

But I think you should build your own profile. Why?  It’s super easy to use, it’s gorgeous. For my male readers:  “super clean” looking. You can add links, photos and more. My favorite aspect of Vizify and  the crowing jewel of  this cool twitter social media tool is the ability to  make  super fly videos of your followers.  I have to make a confession I haven’t stopped playing with it since I found out about it this morning. It’s so fun for me to see my followers featured in a video. And I expect to change it up from time to time so I’m sure those pretty faces will change soon.

Cool quotes on VizifyTwitter social media tool vizify





























You can customize your profile, background, colors etc;. I now have my fav color Pink for my profile with some pictures.

So if you get a chance feel free to swing on over and visit my profile on Vizify Here Check out the images below. And check my followers in my video on Vizify here. I really love this thing.


Check out the Vizify Gallery Below- What do you think Cool Social Media Tool?




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    Now that’s just too darn cool Lisa!

    I bet you were just tickled when you saw yourself in Joshua’s video! I know I would be very impressed as well and this is another great way to let your Twitter followers know how awesome they are. I’ve been putting together posts periodically about Twitter so this one I’ll be putting on my list.

    Thanks you for this introduction and way cool.

    Adrienne recently posted..Paying Tribute To 20 Fabulous Twitter FriendsMy Profile

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