How Do Mompreneurs Balance Life Work And Family

I’m asked all the time “How do you do it?” I’m thinking they see me flying in with my SM cape (super mompreneur) with Matilda on my hip, business meetings ready and in perfect condition. Truth is many days I’m a hot mess and not hot as in cute. I guess when people see that I’m coaching women, vlogging, going to blog events for Verizon ( can’t wait to share that by the way) and launching the baby product I invented the Snuggwugg they think I have it all together. They think I have a system in place, that I’m highly organized and  everything is lined up and perfect. One of the things people seem to love about me is my ability to keep it real and I have to say – Guilty! I don’t think mompreneurs have it all figured out. Or let me say this one does not.

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In an effort to keep it totally real I wanted to show you my organized world. If you can handle the real truth that is? This is my desk isn’t it lovely? I’m sure when you see this you see “Media Maven” “Powerhouse Mompreneur” Right? LOL As you can see that’s my product the Snuggwugg samples just came back off to the left (zebra) and Matilda’s bib from breakfast on top of it all. While at the same time I am typing away on my keyboard at the moment. Of course notice the pretty artwork Matilda’s contribution to my creativity.



So the truth is that this momprenuer wouldn’t have a clue what balance was. I wish I could tell you I did but I don’t.

My days start the same, Matilda, coffee, breakfast, emails. I try to answer all the requests coming to my blog Mompreneur Mogul but I have to say I’m sure I’ve missed some. Then I get on calls with manufacturers talking about my baby product, changes that need to be made and how soon my packaging will be done.

I also field calls with my graphic designer and change my mind almost daily.

In between that I have an amazing group of Mompreneurs and women who I coach and share what I’ve learned about blogging, social media, vlogging and marketing and getting in the press. Yes I’ve been blessed to land in Entrepreneur Magazine, Aol, Yahoo and many others. But I want you to know it’s not because I’m balanced. It’s because this mompreneur is hanging by a string. A very thin string of sanity.

However that doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned how to be functional in my chaos.

So here are some mompreneur tips that may help you:

  • If it doesn’t get done it’s OK there is always tomorrow.
  • If the house is a wreck just give your man some extra loving because something in their brain forgets the house is a wreck after that.


  • If your babies are as active as mine start a prayer group you’ll need it.


  • Take your kids to parks or fun things because after all the business is to support your kids and they don’t need to watch you work non stop and never get out of the house. ( I’ve done this before so I’m speaking from experience)
  • Get some good friends 🙂

Here are some of my  mompreneur friends who also have launched their own products and I adore them! Alicia from Baby Elephant Ears has been like an angel from heaven LOL and her product is super cool. She takes all my questions and believe me I have many.

Baby Elephant Ears



Stacy from Bobee another fellow Huggies mom amazing sweet always helpful.

Bobee Diaper Changing Help


Romy from Psi bands another Huggies winner and rocking it! Visit them check out their products too. She fielded a few Facebook messages on one of my days of chaos.

Psi bands naseau relief


Kristen Alexandra from Sew Specialized – Her story is as beautiful as her products and she’s been a great friend.


So no matter what you are doing in your life just know that no one is perfect. And even if you think they have it all together maybe somewhere in their house their are bibs and colored paper where a business proposal was supposed to be.

Here are more tips.

My name is Lisa and I’m just keepin it real. This is the life of a Mompreneur and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How about you?

Stay tuned next blog post I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Mom Inventors AKA Mompreneur and her super cute bathing suit the SwimZip.




  1. says

    I think learning to relax (like you say, there’s always tomorrow) is so essential to getting everything you need to done in a day. But I also think mindset and intention are really key. We all have the same 24 hours to work with, so by setting your intention on what’s most important to you, you can get the essentials taken care of.

    I always ask new entrepreneurs who lament that they don’t have enough time, “why are you starting a business then?” And the answer is usually – to fulfill my ideal lifestyle – to provide for my family – to do what I love.” Those things are really important. So set your mindset to achieving those big goals, and suddenly the small steps to get there become much more doable.

    • says

      I’ve launched my business Snuggwugg by doing that one step at a time 🙂 So of course love that input and that has always been my model for success. Thanks for visiting Jessica.

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