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This Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation was provided by Verizon Wireless especially for you. As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger I was also provided with a trip to California to learn more about these products and get to know Verizon. Of course all opinions are my own.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER – DESIREE PEOPLES!! And thank you everyone for entering be sure to thank Verizon for the awesome prize!

Today I am really excited to share with you  some amazing products I discovered while visiting the Verizon campus in California. Especially the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation that YOU will have a chance to win.  It’s super easy just add a comment and Share this blog post. That’s it! And I’ll be giving away this Mophie Juice Pack Friday July 5th.

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Why is the Mophie Juice Pack from Verizon Wireless very cool?

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation is a rechargeable 4000 mAh external battery. It is specially designed to provide a high output of power that allows for rapid device charging. The powerstation can switch between 500 mAh, 1 amp, or 2.1 amps, which makes it compatible with virtually any USB-charged device in the world.

  • Rechargeable battery – 4000 mAh power capacity that provides a high output of power for rapid charging
  • Lightweight, compact size – Allows for easy portability for charging on the go anytime, anyplace Switch charging output Able to switch between 500 mAh, 1 amp, and 2.1 amps
  • Compatible with virtually all USB-charged devices, even iPhone® and iPad® (uses your device’s USB cable, sold separately)

Ok so now that you know about that let’s talk about more of the amazing technology I was able to discover with Verizon Wireless.

Watch This Video :))


One of my favorites was the VGo
With this new technology if a child is sick they can still attend school via this amazing piece of equipment. I also thought it would be fascinating if you could use it for foreign students wanting to attend our universities but not wanting to travel.

But the benefits of this invention are really mind boggling and I felt honored to experience it first hand.  You’ll have to see the commercial to see why it touched my heart so much. Here it is.

Vgo Verizon Wireless Lifestyle Blogger

We spent the day in California learning more about Verizon, what they do for the community and the amazing technology they are adding to make our lives easier. There were cameras you could program to check on your pest at home.  We discovered fun games you could play, technology to help you learn exactly what car repairs you would need and more.

What I discovered is that Verizon is not only about cell phones. They are about helping to make our lives even better. Not to mention the awesome swag they gave each of us. Like this beautiful Samsung Galaxy s4 and I absolutely love mine! My new BFF Gina Schreck screamed and then kept asking me if I saw the stars and unicorns coming from her phone. ( This isn’t her phone it’s another gift but the same look 🙂

My new BFF Gina Schreck :)

Gina Schreck love this girl!


I told her yes just to make her feel better. But we all screamed truth be told.

Not only did I leave with so much respect for Verizon and gratitude for taking time to get our ideas and thoughts on what they shared, but I left felling a deep connection to them. I also met some new blogging friends like Calvin, Robyn, Gina, Monica, Terri, and so many more.


Another  amazing device was the FitBit Flex Wristband .Here are just a couple of the cool features but be sure to visit Verizonwireless.com To learn more:

Fitbit Verizon Wireless Tech Blogger Lisa Cash Hanson


Put it on. Set your goal. Go!

Never stop moving with Fitbit Flex. Wear it 24-7 to track your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and keep tabs on your sleep patterns too. Upload your stats wirelessly to compatible mobile devices and your computer.

Flex tracks your daily steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, motivating you to reach your daily goal and be more active over time

Flex uses LED lights to show you how you’re stacking up against your daily goal. With Flex, you don’t have to look far for motivation to get up and be more active.

Flex tracks and graphs how long and how well you sleep. Silent Wake technology gently wakes you without an alarm or disturbing your partner.

Flex never leaves your side. It fits comfortably around your wrist all day and night. You can even wear it in the shower.


I had a wonderful time with the Verizon Wireless team. My head was spinning after learning about all the amazing technologies they presented and I can’t wait to share more with you in upcoming technology posts. I loved meeting Jay Jaffin and the rest of gang there. I I’m excited about our next event and please be watching for more amazing life changing technologies courtesy of Verizon Wireless –

They understand that technology is not about technology it’s about the lives that are enriched from using those technologies.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to be involved and be chosen as a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger. Watch for even more videos soon and don’t forget to comment and share this post and meet us every Friday on Twitter at 3PM Est to win great prizes and learn even more. Use the hastag #VZWBuzz.


#VZWBuzz Verizon Lifestyle Blogger

Special thanks to Monica from The Online mom, and to all my amazing friends I met at the event I had a great time with each of you!! Check out more photos on Instagram Lisa Cash Hanson. Good luck I hope you get your Mophie! Juice Pack!

This Mophie Juicepack Powerstation was provided by Verizon Wireless especially for you. As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger I was also provided with a trip to California to learn more about these products and get to know Verizon. Of course all opinions are my own.




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