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I love social media for a million reasons but recently I was given one more reason to love it. When I announced to my family that I was going to name my daughter Matilda I was challenged on every side. My husbands mom, my mom, church friends they all had something to say. It would have been great to have a central place for them to vent or share ideas. Actually I thought my poor mom was going to have to lay down for months after the fit she threw. But now everyone loves Matilda’s name and it’s OK. But if I had known about a service like Belly Ballot who knows maybe it could have helped. I love supporting other women and moms in business. So when I found out a mom created a very cool service to help us find cute baby names I had to share it. What if you could use the power of social media to find unique baby names? When I was looking for a cute baby name for my daughter now named Matilda I looked everywhere. Sometimes you just want a little help. So Belly Ballot is now a cool free service you can use. Whether you are looking for cute boy names or cute girl names Baby Ballot can help you out.

When I was thinking of unique baby names I searched other countries as well. So on Belly Ballot you can actually search for unique baby names by region.

How does it work?
Pick your 5 favorite names.
Invite friends and family to vote.
Announce your final choice on Facebook and Twitter.

So if naming your baby has become a source of contention visit my friends here and get some help.

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