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If you just landed on my blog welcome. I’m pretty normal and pretty real. I run a few businesses from home, most days I’m on the edge of my sanity, first time mom that pretty much still wonders if I’m getting it right, launching a baby product, loving my family and serving my God. Definitely not in that order. It’s awesome that you’re here! After you’ve clicked around I’d love to see you on Twitter or Facebook too. Wanted to share a few things that may save you some searching time. Below you’ll see some pop outs  on the bottom of my page those tell you about cool posts and some readers favorites. I also do a ton of vlogs. I guess I flap my jaws better than I type. Those are pretty inspiring or so I’ve been told. Check those out and tell me what you think.

I was on AOL Today you may have seen that 🙂

I write reviews, strategies to make and save money (love both of those) tips for social media and of course I write about my family and some other things you’re sure to find as you click around.

I’m asked all the time if you can really make money with a blog- YES many do and I do. Below is a book that I wrote after my daughter was born. Everyone was asking a ton of questions and with a baby in one arm and my sanity slipping through the other (first time mom syndrome) I thought I better lay all my thoughts down in a simple to follow guide. Thats what I did. So click the book below and grab it quick before it’s gone.  You’ll be glad you did! If you want it for your Kindle you can get it here.


I am also an inventor. Being a mom does things like that. I would actually love to hear what your thoughts are. My product is called the Snuggwugg and it makes diaper changing easy.
diaper pillow small

It’s a diaper changing pillow with a smart phone option. Here is the Snuggwugg you can click the link to check that out and see my video of the product and my daughter in action

SnuggWugg Mompreneur Mogul black friday online deals Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner SnuggWugg SnuggWugg® Interview by MomTalk Radio Maria Bailey Huggies Grant Winner

also have coaching programs to help you  with your blog and a great product below too. If you landed here you may have arrived due to a media event. Well this is what I did to get there:
SECRETS To Making More Money And Getting In The Press – Just click on the image and you’ll be taken on a magic carpet ride. Ok not really but you’re going to like it really you will.


So that’s me in a nutshell if you’re want to learn more than click my about tab and you’ll get an eye full.

Thanks again! My name is Lisa and I totally welcome you.


And if you want my top money saving tips here are just a few:

Call your cell phone company at least every other month. Ask if they have any specials or how you can lower your bill. You’ll be amazed how one call can save some cash.

Always compare insurance quotes. I dropped our monthly bills by over $150 a month just by switching. It’s worth it.

Switch to zero interest and try to pay down cards as quickly as possible.

Watch your bank account for fees and ask your banker to remove them.-Many times they will.



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