How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family

How To Make Money Without Destroying Your Family

I work with a variety of people and many of those are women. I love to see a dream take flight. It always makes me smile when a woman has a dream (or a man) and they begin to give birth to that dream and go through the process of truly making it happen. Dreams do take work. Even as I write this, I coach women with their blogs, I have advertisers who have accounts and projects with my blog, I work with million dollar sponsors, and I’m launching a baby product. But that is not who I am. I’m a women who loves people, I go to church on Sundays, chase my 2 year old daughter Matilda everyday, enjoy my husband Chad, and live in the brutal sun of Las Vegas. I am not my business. My business serves me. I’m not a slave to that business.

Sadly when people want to learn how to make money sometimes that is not the case. They are totally consumed with how to figure out social media,  build relationships online, the latest summit or other things to build their business. Often times they are kind to people they will probably never meet while telling their own kids, “Quiet””Not now.” “I have a post to write.” How do I know this? I’ve done it sadly before I realized how dumb that was.

You may be married you may not I’m not sure. What I’ve discovered is that if you want to learn how to make money without destroying your family these tips will help you. Because truth be told I’ve never been in front of anyone at the end of their life who wanted to work more. They always wanted more time with those they loved. So let’s  start now.

I’d like to share a few things that I do.  I’m hoping by sharing some things that I’ve figured out perhaps it will help you.

Balance? What is that? I’m pretty sure it’s right alongside of unicorns, and tooth fairies it’s not a realistic expectation. Sometimes you focus on work other times family. But balance is an odd duck so don’t focus on that.

No matter what needs to get done, don’t put your kids off. It’s great if a spouse or friend can help and we should ask for help when we need it. But to me the saddest thing is a child who cannot connect with their mom because she is too busy blogging. That makes zero sense.

Don’t be kinder to strangers on social media than you are to your own husband or loved one.

Here are a few things that I do and I’ve noticed a big change in my life:

Put it down.

Sometimes Matilda trips out. I’m trying to make a call or answer an email or write a post, and she has enough of watching a video or eating her breakfast and wants to run. I’ve discovered that instead of getting upset I just stop everything I’m doing and give her the attention she needs. Because even though I love the women I coach and my readers, I don’t want my daughter thinking I never had time for her. That will leave a huge gaping wound in her life and I just won’t let that happen.

Do little things.

My husband doesn’t understand any of what I do online. It’s like a strange world to him. So I don’t try to make him understand. He knows some days the house is a wreck. But I can tell when he is also at a breaking point.

When that happens I stop what I’m doing and make sure the kitchen is cleaned for him. Or laundry picked up. Or I stop my social media activity to sit and watch a show with him or just spend some quality time.

Set boundaries.

Don’t be on your phone during every family event or time with your spouse. Facebook is not that important. Really nothing is. Give people in your life your undivided attention and you will find they are much more understanding when you cannot.

Try to work before your family gets up or after they go to bed.

I know that doesn’t work for everyone but this has allowed me to get a lot of work done without feeling like they are not getting the attention they need.

Get a sitter.

Sometimes you just need a hand. Get someone to help a few hours a week and you’ll notice an increase in activity.

Who’s Dream Is It

Remember those you love may not always have the same dream as you. That’s OK they don’t have to. Support does not mean they have to think what you are doing is perfect or even understand. True support happens when they “don’t get it” yet still help in whatever way they can. And that’s Chad. But I can tell you the only reason he is so willing to help me is because I’m willing to help him.

Don’t build a castle that no one will live in.

What good does it do to be able to buy a bigger house, get more toys, make more money, if you have isolated the very people you intended on building it for? If you want to make money without destroying your family then it takes those precious few moments in life to tell them that they matter. They are more important than Twitter, than the person you met on social media who have no idea who you really are, the are the people who matter the most.

If you treat them that way then your relationship will be strong and your business even stronger. Do you agree?





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