Internet Security For Kids – Tips Plus Complimentary Premium Membership UknowKids

Any parent understands that internet security for kids is vital. It’s not that we don’t trust our children it’s that we don’t trust predators online.  I’m a mom and when I read the horror stories or see the shows on tv where grown men lure children it’s disgusting. The first key in protecting our children is educating them. Also as parents we have to use every tool and resource made available to use so  we can to keep our children safe.  In today’s post I’m giving away 50 premier memberships to Uknow Kids but hurry they will go fast. Please share this with other parents you know.

Here are some simple tips to help keep your child safe online.

Plus if you are looking for a great tool to help with internet security for kids than Uknow Kids is a great option. Here are some quick tips to ensure  internet security for kids:

  • Monitor your child’s online activity.
  • Only allow supervised chat rooms. Or none at all. 
  • Teach your kids to ignore email or chat messages from people they don’t know.
  • Tell them the dangers and tricks that predators use.
  • Make sure they know that grown up people can pretend to be kids.
  • Add parental controls to your computer.

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This issue is so important please share any tips you may have to protect your children online in the comments below.



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