Moms are Super Heroes wearing High Heels

For many years, I thought chick super heroes who wore heels were being subjected to a double standard. Why do the guys get to wear sensible flat boots while the women are always wearing precarious looking high heels? I finally “get” why wearing heels as a superhero is better and I’ll tell you why.

High Heels are Symbolic

I am pretty sure that I will never go to my aerobics class in a cape and high heels, unless large sums of money were involved. On the other hand, I am 100% certain that if I were a Chick Super Hero, I would wear amazing, but sturdy high heels that looked like black stiletto boots with a comfortable Ugg boot sole, and a titanic heel suspension system that would allow me to jump around like crazy without killing my boobs. My amazing shoes would also have James Bondy killer apps somehow installed in the heels that would distract the bad guys and yet keep me organized. These boots would be awesome!


Then I realized, super hero chick heels are symbolic of who I am right now as a Mom. So often in life, we don’t realize how much we do for our kids and family. We download awesome apps to keep the kids busy. We teach our babes social skills, how to count. We cry with them when the world serves up hard lessons and teach them how to handle it gracefully (learning a few things ourselves along the way!).

We laugh with them when they are silly and find ourselves in awe the first time they say “I wuv you Momma!”.  As a Mom, we HAVE to learn flexibility, rigidity, and balance all at the same time to keep the family unit strong. Even if you wear yoga pants, keep your hair in a ponytail; if you are a Mom, you are a superhero that can do just about anything. Period.

Why a Superhero Chick is more believable as a Mom

The mental and physical changes we go through to become a Mom is insane. First, there are the physical changes a woman goes through in order to have children. After being pregnant and giving birth, I am astonished of what a woman’s body can do. IMHO, Plastic Man was the wrong gender. The physical changes are a humble beginning of other changes to come. Motherhood is an experience that I would describe like ‘climbing Mt. Everest difficult’ or ‘experiencing soul changing love’ amazing. When I was single, I walked 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago and I have to say, the first few months as a new Mom was harder. The sleep deprivation, the worry, and this insane love for someone creates the impossible – a superhero Mom.


I am physically stronger than I used to be because I can gently lift a 15 pound baby to assure that “transfer” from car to crib is successful and stop a 30 pound 2 year old from running out in the street while carrying 15 pound baby. Mentally, I am much tougher too. Once you win an argument with a toddler that has cried for the last two hours over where Holly and Pinky can go when she is napping, then telling a bad guy to piss off is actually easy.  Being a superhero is all about doing the impossible, and as Moms, we make impossible a reality every day.

As a Mom, you can do more than your mind thinks

The other day, I was watching a fitness infomercial on TV and the instructor said, “Your mind always wants to quit, but your body can do so much more!” This statement totally reminded me of my transformation into a Mom. If I imagined my single self, she would say to my married with two kids self, “WOW, it’s like you ran a marathon six times with no bra!”. There are days that I want to quit. Some day being a Mom literally makes me want to pull my hair out, like the days when my two year old thinks hitting and biting are normal and trying to figure out how to make her stop.


There are days when my husband and I have differences about how to raise our kids that results in huge arguments because we are both tired or because of how we grew up. Somedays, I just don’t think I’m a good mom. The truth is, as a Mom, you make it work. The truth is, you are so much stronger than you think you are. The truth is, you are probably a superhero Mom with a complex that is more in your head than in reality. You do the best you can for yourself and the family unit, and that is what makes you a superhero Mom.





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