The Bitcasa Infinite Drive -Why Moms Love It

The Bitcasa Infinite Drive – Why Moms Love it!

I don’t know about you but my life is pretty chaotic at the moment. However when I find a product that can help make your  life or mine just a little bit easier , I’m happy to share. I’d like to introduce Bitcasa and a chance for you to win a free gift ! (who doesn’t love that?)  Bitcasa Infinite Drive  is a product that provides moms with an amazingly simpler digital life and offers a new approach to digital storage and file sharing.

Do you ever rummage through drawers in a frantic search of a document you need for your kid’s first day of school? Or do you want to save your child’s latest finger painting, but realize you have no more space on your walls? Well in many hectic households, Bitcasa can be a real game-changer by helping moms store, find and share infinite amounts of information.

Per FTC regulations this is a sponsored post. However you my amazing fans and readers know that if I don’t love a product you’ll never read about it. I only support products that can really help you. That’s my disclosure on with the goods.

In addition to being a great product Bitcasa is going to give you a chance to win a One YEAR SUBSCRIPTION- FREE. That’s a $99 value! And if you just can’t wait and have to have Bitcasa Infinite Drive  now, simply click the link and enter my coupon code MOGUL20 for a %20 off discount!

Here’s how you enter to win your free one year subscription:

1. Leave a comment below telling me what you would do with your subscription. Store more  pictures, files, or?

2. Tweet this out and that’s it! You’re entered to win and good luck.


Many times on my computer there is an issue because I have too many things downloaded taking up too much space. What’s cool about Bitcasa is that it acts like a hard drive, but is located in the cloud. No it’s not a fairy tale it’s real. But the biggest question I had and I know you will too is,  “Will my photos or anything else I store be safe? And Private? ” The answer is yes it’s totally private and secure, allowing you to store, instantly access, and share  pictures, videos, music, favorite recipes, important tax or travel documents or kids artwork – infinitely, without the worry of running out of space.

If you want to click this link you can watch this video to see exactly how it works.

Here are a few more reasons why moms (you) will love the Infinite Drive: 

  • Easy to use. You don’t have to be techie to use Bitcasa’s Infinite Hard Drive. Install it, and Bitcasa takes care of the rest, with automatic synching of devices and automatic back up and complete privacy of your data – it works very simply and seamlessly.
  • Instant photo sharing.  Instantly stream and share videos, photographs and other digital files to other family members and friends with a simple link. Share your 1TB photo folder instantly. It only takes seconds to share cherished memories with loved ones.
  • Data backup. Now more than ever, it is important to back up your data in the cloud in the case your computer, phone or tablet is stolen or your hard drive crashes. For moms, there is nothing worse than losing all their photos and videos of precious family moments. Bitcasa offers automatic mirroring, file versioning and backup for peace of mind.
  • Access anywhere. Everything you own is available on any device within the Bitcasa Infinite Drive. Easily access all of  your files from your home computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • Affordable. At only $10 per month, the Infinite Drive offers unlimited storage capacity for all digital files—including all music, videos, photos, and data.  BONUS OFFER if you add this code at checkout MOGUL20 you’ll get a %20 off discount! Bitcasa Infinite Drive 



Storage for moms Bitcasa Infinite Drive

Here are seven ways your family can take advantage of Bitcasa:

  1. Create album favorites:  Upload your photos to easily view and share your memories at family functions, parties with friends or with your children when they grow up!  You can create albums for Halloween, the holidays or family milestones and instantly access them anytime and anywhere on any device.
  2. Be prepared for any occasion:  Back up important documents (work, tax, healthcare, immunization records, etc.) to ensure they don’t get moved, ripped, spilled on, lost or face any other disaster. You can also access your files in real-time. Say it’s the first day of preschool and you need to access your child’s latest immunization records, Bitcasa helps you avoid those frantic searches!
  3. Enjoy your full music library:  Do you get annoyed that your phone or tablet doesn’t have enough space to hold your music library? Upload all your songs to Bitcasa and enjoy at your next family reunion or children’s birthday party.
  4. Share precious moments as they happen:  From any device, use Send To Friend links to let your friends and family easily stream pictures and large videos. For example, send videos to Grandma who wasn’t able to make it to graduation. Or save on costly international data fees when you’re traveling abroad! And no need to download videos, Bitcasa just streams them instantly.
  5. Travel planning:  Make sure all your files are backed up when you travel in case you have any unexpected issues requiring proof of identity, vaccinations or confirmation of hotel and flight reservations. Remember these can be accessed on any device or you can remotely access using your password on someone else’s device with Also by “Favoriting” files, such as movies, you can access them offline to watch on the plane or in the car.
  6. Store your favorite recipes:  With Bitcasa you can easily store and share your favorite family recipes. When you start cooking just open the recipe on your phone, iPad or other device. You can also get creative and file your recipes based on cultural delights or holiday themes.
  7. Scan and save artwork: You can scan and save all of your children’s school work and art without ever running out of space. And when your kids get older you can share your favorite pieces.

So there you have it. Don’t forget to leave your comment below for a chance to win your one year subscription to Bitcasa Infinite Drive and good luck!


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