Tips To Overcome When A Competitor Tries To Sabotage Your Business

According to the dictionary the definition of sabotage is: An act or process intending to hamper or hurt. So that being said what do you do when a competitor or co-worker tries to sabotage your business? Recently I was in an very competitive environment. It’s not a big deal I’ve been in competitive situations all my life. I’ve also been a professional singer for years so competing comes as natural as breathing to me. Competition is great. However hurting someone intentionally for the purpose of putting yourself ahead of another is a super crappy thing to do. It’s also one of the lowest things you can do to somebody else in my humble opinion.

Recently I was on the receiving end of sabotage. I won’t go into all the details of what happened to me but I can say with confidence it felt pretty awful. After I got over the initial shock of what happened, picked my jaw up off the floor and realized how this person intentionally tried to hurt my business I thought I’d share some things I did to get over the entire yucky situation. If it ever happens to you maybe you could use these tips to help yourself overcome as well.

What do you do when a competitor tries to sabotage your business? Do you lash out? Do you report them if possible? Do you blast it all over the internet to tell people how awful they were?

No I don’t think so. Even though  it’s totally  natural  to want to  “Get them back” for the hurtful thing they did, I don’t think that will help your business at all. In fact if you do that then really you stoop to their low level.

Personally I don’t really believe that another can actually sabotage your business because I think if your product or service is great then it will rise to the top regardless of what another person does. Any false effort to cause you harm will just fall by the wayside. And that is what happened in my case. Even though this person definitely meant to cause me harm, not only did it backfire on them, but my product received great attention, and many people rushed to help me in spite of their actions.

So what can you do the next time you’re faced with someone who tries to harm you?

1. Forgive them. Did you know that many illnesses can be tied to anger towards others? It’s just not worth it.

2. Realize that if your product or service is great no amount of sabotage will have an effect. It’s true cream rises to the top.

3. Realize that it’s not about you it’s about them. A person that hurts someone else has deeper issues than just bad business skills.

4. Build the best product or service you can, forget that bad apple and move on.

If you go over the incident again and again in your mind trying to understand why a person would sabotage your business you can make yourself nuts. Literally. Once long ago, I had a sucky boyfriend. Haven’t we all? I remember crying to my mom (I was younger when this happened)  I remember asking her “Why”. Thank goodness for moms with wisdom. My mom simply said, “Oh Lisa, who cares why? He’s a jerk and that’s it. Forget it and move on.” He was, I did and the rest is history. I now have a great husband and a beautiful daughter so it all worked out.

Don’t ask why. You’ll never understand what trips a person’s brain to be cruel. Just forget it and move on. Life is too short to concern yourself with the bad actions of another. No one can stop you. Just keep going, keep creating and let your success speak for itself. I hope this post truly helped you today? Did it?

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    Hello, Lisa. You are right..!
    For many years I have been facing, that I thought, there is a people doing cooperation to always sabotage my ideas of business. For twenty years until now, I always change the direction of my business. And now, I can not sell my vegetables yields to the local market. But, it’s okay, now! From here, I learn to feel gratitude and finally, in the end of my thought, I learn to become business development with my dear son. Because I still curious to my way, am I right when facing the sabotage of the competitors, so I look for a resolution of that and found your website of this. After read it, now, I believe with myself because your article of this. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. God bless you.

    Love and compassion.
    Santosa Laksana.

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    Hi Lisa,

    I had a similar situation happen to me recently, only the person who tried to sabotage me was a friend of mine. Yes it was about business, she had questions and didn’t like some things and instead of bringing them to me, (after all, we were friends), she spewed out hateful and hurtful comments about me to others whom I was working with. It really stung, and I felt betrayed. But I do know the power of forgiveness and it’s essential. This person had issues, and most of them likely had nothing to do with me, I just happened to be on the receiving end of what I felt was her own insecurity and unhappiness. I chose to forgive, while she chose to end the friendship. Sometimes all you can do is offer it up to God and move on, and of course pray that they will someday see the light. Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂
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