Some Days Are Just Hard So Encourage Yourself

In keeping with my promise that I made to you I’m keeping it real. We all live in an imperfect world.Filled with curves, ups, downs and big bumps. Really big bumps. Today was a bumpy day for me. Some days I feel a little lonely. My mom is thousands of miles away, I’m a first time mom, launching another business, my daughter pushes every button I have and some I didn’t even know existed and today I hit a wall. It’s days like today I have  what I like to call a “Sliding Down The Wall Moment” That’s my nickname I made up for the days you feel like crying and sliding down the wall.

The day started normal enough, it was Monday so I woke Matilda for gymnastics. Or as she likes to call it “Hynastics”. We headed out the door, had a great class, came home and it all started. She was whining non stop at nap time. She needed a drink, wanted a book, needed a back rub, wanted a story, another story, more water, had to poop, went poop (not on the potty), finally I gave in. Her daddy came home so I thought I’d get some help. We quickly got into a “debate” over how I’d like him to create my display for my baby product the Snuggwugg at the upcoming ABCKidsExpo. Which is another reason for the breakdown. 14 days to go and a million and one things to do.

We ran to the store for supplies. That was a painless experience.  Until we got home. I cooked dinner (a rarity) then he was going to take Matilda to play in the back room until I got some work done. All I heard was MOMMY MOMMY! I want MOMMY!  I  work from home. I am with her every waking moment  it’s not like she never sees me. Then I hear the constant “NO NO!”, and who can work through that ? I’m trying to look over contracts and need a moment and NOPE  not happening. Finally I give in after she has a huge meltdown due to the fact that she pushed her head through the screen (it’s soft) for the 5th time and knocked it out. Something that sent daddy over the edge. So I went it to give him some peace. But of course I couldn’t do that without a word of sarcasm ( married? I’m sure you understand doing that) and that’s when it all hit the fan. He flipped words like  “I’m sick of this!”, “I’m tired”, “I DO know what you go through all day I live this too.” And many fun words. We finally resolved our issues after Matilda went to bed and we had a chance to share our heart on the entire situation. However it was just the day from you know where.

So for those of you asking  all the time how I do it? How I keep it all together?  Please let me help you feel more normal today by saying, some days NOTHING is together.

And if I had to encourage myself I would say:

You have a healthy family, a roof over your head, great women who read your blog and are  supportive, this will pass. Matilda won’t be 2 forever, Snuggwugg will have a successful launch, one day you and Chad won’t be on the verge of exhaustion, and it will all be OK.
So just pretend today is that day try to stop fussing because it only makes you look like something from the Zombie flicks especially with the black on your eyes.

Tomorrow will be better, love yourself,
Love me.


That’s my note of encouragement. If you had to write one word or one sentence to yourself what would you say? I think it will be great to see your answers.




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