Marketing To Moms What You Don’t Know- Tips For Brands

When it comes to marketing to moms there are a lot of choices for small business owners and brands. But if you’ve looked online  you will notice that most offer the same campaigns. Over and over again. Crazy right? I thought so. That is why I made the decision years ago that when I took on any new brand and especially when working with my small business owners I can’t afford to do that. And neither can you if you’re the small business owner.

Twitter parties are amazing but sometimes even though you may end up trending you are just attracting a lot of bloggers who want to get your freebie. There is nothing wrong with that but are they your customer? Are they going to purchase from you? Perhaps. It takes more than just twitter parties and blog posts to help  grow your small business and increase brand recognition. I guess I’m very fortunate having been in the industry for the past 20 years I’m able to get a behind the scenes perspective that helps brands succeed in working with bloggers. When you work with a brand manager there are a few things that you need to know.

I’ve worked with some amazing brands you can check out my Sponsor and Advert page to learn more about that. Each business owner is unique. You have a unique message. Or at least I hope you do. So you deserve a campaign that is uniquely your own and doesn’t look like every other company’s campaign that has come down the pike. You also deserve a brand manager who is equally unique. Here are some tips when choosing a brand consultant. These are some questions that I ask my  own clients before I agree to take on their campaigns.



What are your goals? Do you want to grow your social media, are you trying to drive sales, launch a new product? Because not all campaigns are built the same and your brand manager needs to design yours perfectly if you truly want to succeed in marketing to moms.

What is your why? Are you also trying to change your brands image? Create new relationships? Before you splurge on a campaign make sure you know exactly the” why” behind your campaign.

What will you say? Do you have your messaging in place? Will you be trying to build a community around your message? What do you want others to say about your brand or small business?

How? How will you utilize these new influencers? I work with thousands of bloggers when it comes to my brands and they are amazing at getting your message out to the masses.  Some have unique areas of expertise. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. Determining these goals and how you choose to have them help you in marketing to moms will make a huge difference.


Choose someone behind the scenes. I’ve created my own brand and baby product Snuggwugg so I’m a small business owner and I’m also a content creator and brand strategist and  professional blogger. It really helps you as a small business to have someone who is one of your own  and can walk you through the process from both angles.

Many times bloggers feel less cooperative if they have to deal with people who really don’t understand them or their value. But of course we know that will not happen to you. Make sure that whoever you choose to work with they understand the voice of your company and don’t create another robotic watered down version of a campaign for your brand that looks exactly the same as all the others. You deserve only the best. Make sure you get it.

If you need help marketing to moms and you would like to work me I am happy to help you. I have very limited availability but  email if you’d like more information. Or simply by  clicking the contact tab of this website.




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