7 Lessons Inventing A Baby Product Snuggwugg® Taught Me

So I invented a baby product called the Snuggwugg®. If you knew me before you would realize how totally strange that is. But here we are inventing a baby product, holding a patent, and a Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner.

I really wish I had a video camera following me over the past few years so that you can see everything that has happened to me that has brought me to this point. But I don’t. So I’ll have to jam it all into a few short paragraphs. Let’s face it we’re both busy.

I want to start at the beginning. Don’t be afraid I already said I’m keeping this short. I thought my idea for Snuggwugg  was good but I had to create Snuggwugg first and see if it would work.

An idea is not a big deal. Zillions of people have them. It’s the follow through that matters. (That was lesson 1 in case you are counting)

Just because you have a fabulous idea, then take the time to get your product made  does not mean everything is easy. It’s not. (That is lesson two, it’s definitely not easy. Life that is)

Now here I stood with a super cool product. I had no idea what to do next so I submitted it to Huggies. Seemed logical. They have a yearly grant program you should check it out it’s amazing. I wasn’t ready, Snuggwugg was not ready, it could have been better, but I submitted. (Lesson 3 Perfection is for dummies. Don’t even bother.) I’ve met so many people waiting to get it “perfect” and they are still waiting. That’s dumb.

After I won the grant I was approached by investors. That was wonderful. One in particular seemed like a  great man. He was ethical and honest. He flew to Las Vegas to  meet with me. We had a great meeting and huge aspirations, then suddenly? I never heard from again. As suddenly as he appeared he vanished. ( Lesson 4 People are flakey. Just forget it and move on.)

So there I was with my Snuggwugg® singing “All By Myself” life was great I was still excited and suddenly it dawns on me that I have no clue what to do next. ( Lesson 5 Go to Google. I used Google for everything)

I researched everything on the internet I could regarding inventing a product. Finally I had all the pieces in place to start manufacturing. There was a trade show in Vegas for baby and kids products so I went. (Lesson 6 People can be sucky and mean.)

At this trade show I was with my “friends” and one of my said “friends” did the crappiest thing I’ve ever had done to me in all my life. And I mean super crappy. Did I punch her out? No but she deserved it. Was I mean back? No. Did I tell the whole world who she was and what a mean horror show she was to me? LOL No. Although it crossed my mind like a million times. ( Lesson 7 If you want to be free in your heart and mind let mean people just go and don’t over think it.)

I hope some of these lessons help you. I know we all love to talk about blogging, money and social media. But honestly if you can’t figure out how to do “life” no one cares about your stupid Twitter profile.

How does my story end? Snuggwugg is ready to go, I found the greatest manufacturer in the world, I met a super sweet friend who has been a life saver and guided me all the way, I have the support of 100’s of amazing blogger friends who are waiting to share Snuggwugg with the world, my shipment is on it’s way and as they say on my favorite show: I’m happy happy.

Visit Snuggwugg.com if you’d like to see my life changing baby product. Its’ really cool




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