Tutu’s And Pajamas A Parenting Story

Tonight I looked at Matilda, my 2 1/2 year old as I was getting her ready for bed. As she stood there chomping like only a toddler can on her Honey Nut Cheerios and drinking her milk I couldn’t stop smiling. She had both of her flower tutu’s on over her flannel pajamas. Suddenly a thought came to my mind. This is exactly like parenting. Most days it makes no sense, it’s chaotic, funny, filled with surprises yet somehow it’s still the most beautiful and amazing thing in the world to me. Being a parent is exactly like Tutu’s and pajamas. Anything goes.

Matildapajamas and tutu lookingdown

You probably already know by now that I’m launching a baby product at the exact same time I’m figuring out how to be a mom. After all it’s my first time. Yes I follow Matilda around as she climbs around at the park, I’ve successfully caught her and happy to say avoided most major injuries. Except for the time we were at a brand new park merely 5 minutes and she took a plunge and got the worst knee scrape I’ve ever seen. Only an ice cream and a ton of Neosporin fixed that.

Most nights I have no idea how a baby who never stops moving all day long can suddenly go into turbo mode at 9PM. As a matter of fact Matilda while I’m at it I have a few other questions:


I will never understand why pooping in your diaper is more fun than sitting on your princess potty seat that I beg you every night and all day to use only to hear you say again and again, “NO”. I probably will never figure out why “Come here” translates to “run as fast and as far from mommy as possible” I can’t figure out why you continue crawling out the doggie door even though you’ve gotten 101 time outs and cry every time yet apparently forget before the next time you crawl out the doggie door again.

I’m not quite sure why you’ve suddenly decided that even though I beg you not to do it you look right into my eyes and throw your cereal, your waffles, your milk, your fruit, your bowl, your cup and even your play dough onto the floor. While looking me dead in the eye the entire time.

I suppose the only up side was that Harley (our English Bulldog) chomped the play dough before I even had the chance to clean it up therefore, mommy did not have to clean it up.

And I can’t figure out why when you talk back to me and say “You better be thinking bout that face mommy” because you’ve heard myself and your daddy say thousands of times “Don’t make that face at me little girl” and somehow the prior is your translation of that, I can’t figure out why I can’t stop laughing.

There is so much about this journey called parenting that I never imagined. Although I do my best to be the greatest mom ever, though I try not to loose my patience and yell yet sometimes do, though I need to be on calls for business and suddenly find myself I’m chasing you around the couch, across the tiles, through both bathrooms and finally on top of the bed because after all “Come here!” equals run to you. Much like your Tutu’s and pajamas I know  although silly, and  a little out of place, somehow I hope to you my parenting is beautiful.

Because to me – That is how you are  Matilda.  Amazing, filled with life and fun, wonderfully surprising, and as pretty and chaotic as Tutu’s and Pajamas.


Tutus and Pajamas


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