Breastfeeding Home Births Tech Gear & More Parenting Wars Are Stupid

Where do I even begin? I love social media. It’s been a great tool for my blog and business although my next post will probably be about unplugging.  I love  social media but it also allows people to say some really crappy things.

I believe you can’t spend your days glued to a screen thus the unplugging upcoming blog post. GO OUTSIDE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE 🙂 Otherwise you spend all your time with people you may never meet  (online) while you’re kids give you their big eyeball stare wondering why mom is too busy on her computer to take them to a park. Like I said that’s my post for another day. Today I want to address the utter and  complete stupidity of parenting wars and judging one another.

Most moms agree that judging each other is stupid, foolish and unkind. Yet many still do it. Why? I have no earthly idea. Parenting is not an exact science. It’s beautiful, amazing and it’s sloppy and we each have our own unique way of parenting. So why judge? Maybe you think you can raise someone else’s kids better than they can, maybe you think if a mom doesn’t breastfeed she is a bad mother. Maybe you think tech savvy parents like me just put our kids in front of screens like mini zombies until their eyes fall out of their heads from hours and hours of screen time? I have no clue. Most tech savvy parents like me are extremely aware and careful of screen time and limit that for our kids to a healthy amount.  All I know is that parenting wars are stupid. If you’ve been guilty of judging another parent, Ok close your eyes if you are easily offended I may say something that will make you mad: You need to zip your mouth and quit. Why?

Parenting is already challenging enough without people saying rude and foolish things.

I’m a part of many online groups and due to that I see a lot of different types of parenting posts. I’ve seen many about breastfeeding and basically suggesting you’re a terrible mom if you don’t breastfeed. I breastfed my daughter but do I judge other moms who don’t? NO. As a matter of fact I look at grown people every day and not once have I said, “Wow you are so weakly and pale looking your mom must not have breastfed you”  No I have never said that once to another person. Yet we act like non breastfeeding parents are just awful and their kids will grow to be sickly and unfulfilled human beings.

And home births? Are you kidding me?! If you can do it good for you but please don’t cast your judgement on moms like me who cried out for the epidural the minute that horrid pain came our way. To each their own.

I think I may have gotten a little more sensitive to the parenting wars issue lately.  I invented a very cool baby product called the Snuggwugg. It’s a smartphone interactive baby pillow used to safely end squirming during diaper changes, great for travel, tummy time and more.

What I discovered for myself  and other parents is if that if you like technology somehow other parents think you leave your kid in front of a screen like a zombie? Again that is foolish thinking.

Matilda is about to turn three. She plays with my iPhone, iPad, her Leap Pad and apps. She used the Snuggwugg and I can tell you she has a better vocabulary than most kids her age. She also cooks in her non tech kitchen, plays with blocks, goes to the park and reads.

I really think we need to end useless Parenting Wars. What purpose does it serve? If you want to breastfeed go for it. If you love technology great.

The next time you are tempted to have a haughty parenting attitude about different issues such as no screen time before your kid is 5, or breastfeeding, or home births or whatever remember this:

  • Your kid will use technology regardless of how much you withhold from them when they are young. It’s the world we live in.Monitor that and they’ll do fine.
  • Babies who are born naturally are no more healthy than those via epidurals.
  • Kids who use apps seem to be smarter than those who don’t, babies who are breastfed grow up next to those who don’t and no one ever knows the difference.

Let’s just all get along and don’t judge other parents. Being a parent is already tough enough without the looming eyes of judgement. Let’s get along and end senseless parenting wars. And please don’t send all the stats and information on breastfeeding, home births, and tech. I’ve already read it all.

Disclosure: I am a first time mom, and I’m not a doctor. So don’t take my words out of context they are my own personal feelings do your own research and learn more yourself.


If you vow to not judge leave your comment or ideas below.



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