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If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would become an inventor and launch a million dollar idea I think I probably would have laughed. Mostly because at that time I was singing on stages all across the country living the life of a glam Las Vegas Singer. Well it looked glamorous if you knew the behind the scenes- NOT so much. But something strange happened to me after I got married, I gave birth. How many reading can say Amen to that being a strange thing LOL. Going from rhinestones to diapers was odd to say the least but I knew I wanted to be with my daughter Matilda more than I wanted to tour. Although some days when she pulls her pants down in front of the strange man at the bounce house desk because I tell her it’s time to leave…I wonder if I made the right choice. Anywhoo That was the beginning of Mompreneur Mogul. A blog I created where women could come to learn, laugh, launch their dreams and be encouraged. Still even at that point after I had written my first book while Matilda slept for those precious few hours, I never would have dreamed that I’d be the creator of a million dollar idea. And especially not one that I invented on my own.

Lisa Cash Hanson
I started this blog because I love helping people. Many women have written over the years and asked questions about social media, marketing to moms and blogging. I do my best to answer your emails and share posts to help.  I’ve also had the pleasure of working with many size companies consulting for them on various topics in business. Together we have done great things. But recently with the launch of Snuggwugg INC, my company and home of our Smartphone Interactive Baby Pillow I get a ton of questions from other would be hopeful mom inventors on how to invent a product. How to market that product. How to launch that product. And I mean a ton.

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The number one piece of advice I can tell you is to take it one step at a time. Your head will start spinning if you think of all the things you don’t know. I know that mine did. Just do what you know to do now and trust the process. Your steps will be made clearer as you walk it out.

Study the journey of others who have succeed but always remember that YOUR journey will be totally different from theirs. I’ll share an example. I have many friends who have appeared on Shark Tank. I’m asked all the time when I’ll go on. Not sure if I will but here is a great comparison. I know a girl who went on the show with zero money, zero business plan, and a pretty crude prototype. Basically that means it was really not perfected at all. Now if this girl would ask you this question, “Hey I have an idea and this little prototype should I go visit the Sharks?” You’d scream and say forget it they’ll chomp you to bits. Well she did go on Shark Tank and walked away with a deal and her company is making millions today.

Another girl also had a great product, great plan, great everything. They didn’t like how little she wanted to give away and although they made an offer it wasn’t super great. So this girl walked away from that deal.  Yet both girls and their business do amazing. See my point? Two totally different journeys.

Gorgeous outfit sponsored by Zappos

Gorgeous outfit sponsored by Zappos


I will tell you that the most important thing if you want to launch your million dollar idea is to DO something. Make a little prototype, do some drawings, if you can make it yourself do it. I remember when I first though about Snuggwugg® I was filled with thoughts of things that I didn’t know. In other wards I was clueless. Suddenly an inner voice said, don’t defeat yourself before you begin. Just take a step. So I did.

Don’t worry about being perfect. You’re not so just forget. Problem solved. I should know I talk from great experience with major imperfections.

Make your product and SELL it. Ideas are just ideas. The only way it will ever make millions is if you SELL it. Don’t walk in fear that someone may copy you. They probably will. Oh well. Just do your best, get your idea out there and start making money.

Don’t follow dream crushers. I know a woman who runs a group aimed at “helping mom inventors”. She’s kicked every smart person out who could help the other women. How dumb is that? Know the type of person you listen to and only surround yourself with those who are smart, who encourage and who lift you up. If a friend tears you down get some new friends you are worth it.

Sell your idea locally first. Not to knock your dream down but even if a big retailer wanted your product unless you have some money to place orders in the thousands, do testing, packaging and insurance and a multitude of other things you’re not ready. Begin selling locally and see how you do.

Go to trade shows. The first time I went to the trade show with one of my products we did well. But the best part was all the feedback I got. And they shared everything from packaging ideas to colors etc. I went back to the drawing board and redid everything. Our design, or packaging, everything for Snuggwugg® was brand new. That made all the difference in the world and is the reason that retailers are so excited to get our product into their stores.

Don’t spend thousands on your patent. It’s great to get a patent but here is a little secret. The big companies although they will never admit it, have access to people who specialize  on how to work around your patent. They know as a small business owner there is not much you can do about it. So buy your inventory and worry about the rest later. I know a mom inventor who’s company is in the millions and she has no patent at all. Blasphemy! I know. But it’s true.

So you can be successful without dumping all your money on lawyers.

I would love to tell you it’s the easiest thing in the world to bring a product to market. But it’s not. I’ve cried, I’ve hit my head on my desk in frustration I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve moved on. And launching the Snuggwugg has been really tough. But when I hear another mom tell me how amazing Snuggwugg® is or that she loves our product because she keeps finding a new use for it. That makes it all worth it.

Dream your dream. Dream big, don’t be afraid and make it happen. And then you can be like me and launch your million dollar idea too.

But the only way that an idea makes millions is if you do something about it.


I have created a page of resources you can find that here. Thank you for reading as always I’m rooting for you that all your dreams will come true.




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    Very cool how you came up with your product, and got it to market, and now mom’s and babies all over are benefiting! True entrepreneurial know how! Cudos to you Lisa!

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