Atheists Should Not Make Bible Movies Christians Hate Noah

This is an editorial do realize I have my own thoughts and you may not agree with any of them. I just don’t get why an Atheist would ever want anything to do with a Bible movie. Oh wait, yes I do, they love stirring up Christians and think we are zombies with no brains that march to movies spending our cash whenever the word “Bible” is used. When I hear from other Christian friends over and over how much I’d hate Noah, I don’t need another reason to decide I don’t want to see the film. I’m sure some would say I’m “close minded” They would be right. I do close my mind to stupidity, I close my mind to racism, I close my my mind to hate, pornography and a whole slew of other things that have no business in my mind.

I didn’t see the film so I really can’t offer my personal thoughts other to say that it’s almost laughable to me that an Atheist director can think he can make a Biblical film and expect the faith community to embrace that movie. I also find it radically amusing that I keep reading how this film Noah can be a “teachable moment” for Christians to unite with Atheists and share our faith. Apparently they have not been in many discussions with the same atheists I have. Because none of them want to hear about your faith, they just want to tell you how wrong and naive you are. At least in my personal experience.

Another ridiculous thing was the director saying a Bible movie is not Biblical. What If I did a film about Martin Luther King and made him a white man is that OK? How totally stupid would that be? To me that is equally as dumb as creating a Bible move and then saying, “This is the least Biblical film ever made.”

We all know, there is a great perception that Christians are stupid and they will run to any film that has a Biblical message. But here is a quick little note for other would be directors who hate God- We’re not dumb and we don’t care about your crazy renditions of the Bible stories we love.

True The Bible Mini series turned “Son Of God” movie did amazing. Primarily because it was told by people who love God and we could tell. So we’re happy to spend our money on that. One day Hollywood will figure out that you can’t just puke out some sloppy God denying movie, title it “Noah” and expect to get a faith based audience to line up and pay you to see it. Not going to happen. Christians hate Noah. Well many do in any case.

Since I didn’t see it I’ll leave you with some quotes from – The Matt Walsh Blog that seriously had me laughing out loud. Because he is so right on.Check out his full review. I don’t know Matt but I’ve never agreed with a person more.

“I’ve also heard some “Christian leaders” endorse this steaming pile of heretical horse manure. I’m tempted to accuse them of being cowardly, dumb, or dishonest, but I’ll just give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they slept through the most troubling parts — like the part at the beginning, and the end, and all of the parts in between.”

“If you’re looking for a movie more obviously inspired by Biblical precepts, go see anything else. Go see The Lego Movie. I’m sure even that will bear a closer resemblance to Scripture than emo Noah and his gang of Boulder Creatures.”

Those were Matt’s words and quite frankly I agree.

It’s up to you if you’re a Christian and want to see the movie. But honestly the more we pump our cash out for nonsense the more crap will come down the pike. Literally. So I wont’ be watching Noah in the theaters or on DVD or otherwise. I’ll wait for the next great faith based movie told by people who Love God and actually understand HIM to come out.

We’re not stupid. But you are if you think we’re going to watch your crappy film.




  1. adam says

    Why are they even allowed to do movies based on events in the bible????? They keep suing to have God removed from everywhere yet they can make movies from His word!!!!! Why aren’t they being sued????? Even the upcoming movie Exodus, about Moses, is being directed by an atheist which is making Moses a barbaric schizophrenic…… Also Saying an earthquake is what called the river to split…… I don’t get it at all…..

  2. James says

    Darren Aronofsky is far from being an “Atheist”

    He recently said and I quote “I’m not really psyched about organized religion. What interests me is that there is a spiritual truth that connects all religions,”

    Now those are words an atheist would never put together in one sentence (Spiritual truth + religions)

    An atheist wouldn’t use the term “spiritual truth” because there is no scientific way to test or even define such concept.

    • says

      Thanks for weighing in James. Even though Atheist is in my title I was making more of a point that if you’re going to do a movie about a Bible person, maybe you should actually follow the Bible. It’s creative freedom he can do what he wants. But if you do a story on Noah and then make him a nut and nothing like the Bible person, many Christians won’t want to see the film. Personally I didn’t.
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