If You Died Today Did You Live Your Passion

What a massive question right? If you died today did you live your passion? I suppose some would answer yes and others may say, not yet, and some might say, “I’m clueless to what my passion even is.” I think the term “Live Your Passion” has been on my mind lately because I’ve seen a few of my friends die early. It’s so heartbreaking but it’s a constant reminder to how very short and precious this life is. If you read the Bible you already know it says life is like a vapor. Have you ever watched a vapor? Pretty crazy fast.  Living in a world so fast it’s so important to take a little time and slow down. Let me just announce I suck at taking things slow. But maybe you can help me get better.

My personal message to you about this blog post and my heart for you

There a key to knowing if you live your passion. Listen to your  inner voice. Normally it’s very quite but super honest. However many times  we shut that voice down or refuse to listen. I realized a few months back after seeing guru after guru, that I just didn’t care about them anymore. Honestly how many ways can you learn to email market? A Trillion apparently. But something happened to me in the midst of the flurry of my blogging, posting to social media and more. I realized that when I was helping someone spiritually (For me that’s Christian based) my heart soared. When a girl wrote and said, “I watched your testimony and it gave me strength if you can make it I can too.” That is what lit me up.  I also realized that I had a lot of friends asking why I wasn’t at this event or that conference? The Truth? I’d rather spend time with my 3 year old playing catch, than to miss these precious years with her being on a plane non stop.

I realize perhaps my “Live your passion” is not yours.

But here is the thing I’ve learned over the years. I used to travel like a gypsy all over the world singing on stages with major stars. I won’t name them you know who they are but over the years they have told me they are broken, they are lonely they don’t have anyone they can trust and so it goes. I never forgot that.  I suppose that is why I’m not at all impressed by “internet stars”. I’ve met real celebrities. Whether you think you are an “internet star” or TV celebrity it makes no difference we all have the potential to be equally messed up.

What I took away from those moments of looking back was life is so very short. And every day, every decision  that I make I need to always remember to say: Is this really what I want to be doing.

I understand we all have to work. I’m not only talking about profession.

All I’m saying is think about that one thing that lights you up inside? That is probably what you need to do in order to live your passion.

Also you have to take action. Even if you are not %100 sure what you may be trying is your passion the only way to find out is to DO it. That is how I divided what I THOUGHT I wanted to do with what I really WANTED to do.

If you are going to live your passion than one major key is to stop comparing  yourself to others. I have friends who’s blog traffic was pitiful. One massive door opened now they are traveling everywhere but never seem to be home with their kids.

That would make me totally miserable. I love my blog but when I die I’m not about to look at my husband or my daughter and say- “Hey Matilda, pass my iPad I have to get out this last blog post” Pretty stupid right?

Another key in learning  how to live your passion is by learning to say NO.
No I don’t want to go there, no thank you I’m not doing that interview with you that takes up an hour of my time to build your audience for you- No thank you.

Just learn your limits and stick to them. And listen to that still voice that’s in your heart, whether performing a good deed, or dancing, or painting or even blogging…Whatever lights you up inside? When that happens you’ll know in that moment you did live your passion. So what is your passion? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below.




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    Another great post! I really think my passion is helping others. I help people all day in my career in technology as well as helping care for my family members and blogging buddies. This is why I want to leave my “day job” and make a full time income online so that I could pursue my passion of helping others without having to be tied down to a 9 to 5. As of right now I would say I have not YET lived my passion to the fullest but I know I am helping people as much as I can so that makes me happy.
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