Baby Gear That Stops Toddler Meltdowns In Their Tracks

The other day I was shopping at Walmart with my daughter Matilda.  My toddler was actually having a good day. But another little girl was not. We could hear the screaming and yelling from across the isle and when we turned the corner we saw a toddler loosing her mind. She was standing in the back of the cart. Her little tiny face was red as a beet and she was screaming with all her  baby might at her very flustered mom. To which her mom looked over at us and said, “Oh I see that your child is an angel. Your baby is perfectly behaved. She’s never done this and I know all parents are judging and saying control your kid.” That made me laugh. If you read my blog or Facebook pages  you  would know that I’ve had more meltdowns than a fondue pot. This is why I invented Snuggwugg® interactive baby gear. Disclosure: This post is all about toddler meltdowns but I am going to mention the baby product I invented because I believe it will bring great peace to many parents.

I laughed because Matilda is so dominant and most days I’m chasing her, telling her no and thinking I’m a failure as a mom because she is over three and rarely uses the potty. So I looked at this totally frazzled mama and said, “I totally get it. You are not alone and it will be OK.”

Let’s face it Parenting is super tough and amazingly rewarding all at the same time. When Matilda was born we dealt with colic, screaming every night for 5- 7 hours, projectile vomiting and no doctor knew why ( I breast fed) and many other issues.  I know first hand how challenging being a mom can be. I invented Snuggwugg out of a dire need.  My OWN need. Matilda would kick my head off during her diaper changes. Then after I created Snuggwugg I realized Snuggwugg also kept her busy on shopping trips. She’d play with the animals on the cover, or she would watch her apps or just lay on it. But Snuggwugg became my  favorite piece of baby gear I owned. And not just because I invented it.

So if you’re looking for a baby product to make your life a little easier I hope you check out Snuggwugg®. Today we have a great deal for you how does FREE sound?  Visit Brought To You By Mom and check out her Snuggwugg Review and enter to win your very own Snuggwugg.

Hopefully next time you can avoid a toddler meltdown of your very own! And if you can’t wait to see if you won click the Shop Image below and Get a Snuggwugg today FREE Shipping 🙂


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