3 Ways To Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

The importance of promoting your business on Social Media is essential in today’s market. Customers want to interact with companies, share their experiences and most importantly search for items that they need and want. It is not only about having a Facebook page or just a Twitter account, it is about interacting on a daily basis with your community. To achieve the maximum return with engagement and promotion you MUST personalize your Social Media strategy! People want to see that you are a person too. Social Media is where you get SOCIAL. Interact and talk with your community  the same way  you would  talk with  your friends. This gives your clients and customers a personalized experience that will most likely turn them into repeat customers who will continue buying from you!

Here are 3 ways to personalize your Social Media Marketing.

1. But first, let’s take a selfie!

Selfies are huge in the world of Social Media Marketing. Whatever your business is, you can use selfies to promote your products/services. The sky is the limit when using this strategy to promote. For example, take a selfie as you prepare a speech for an upcoming event, or take a selfie as you sit at the coffee shop while you work. Is your business a product based business? Take a selfie as you pack the boxes that are ready to be shipped to some happy customers. Statistics show that selfies create a significant amount of engagement. Why? Because people want to interact with YOU.  People want to see the person behind the business. Share your selfie with a catchy title and description, and watch your engagement soar. You can also create a selfie campaign. Ask your audience to take a selfie with your products/services and why they love it. Create a customized hashtag and watch your audience jump to interact with you.

2. The “Behind The Scenes” picture

Taking a sneak peek picture of your daily operations as you work on your business will definitely personalize your Social Media Marketing. Customers and clients love to see behind the scenes pictures. Using this Social Media Marketing strategy builds trust with your audience. For example, if you are working on a project, take a ‘behind the scenes’ picture of what you are working on. Create a buzz and excitement for upcoming products or events. Make sure to attach a link to your website where people can access you and your business. Customers really value when you are real and genuine with them.

3. Mix it up!

When it comes to promoting the right way online, have a good mixture of business and lifestyle posts. Your followers will have a personalized experience when you are open about both sides of YOU. If there are too many business posts, your followers will loose interest. Share your travels, share your interaction with other companies, shout out clients and customers online and promote your products and services. Keeping a good mixture will keep your followers on their toes and wanting more!

Cheers to your Social Media Marketing!




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    Great ideas. This is something I’ve been struggling with lately on how to incorporate my life and business together. My instagram is my personal also so I share on there. I’ve been thinking about sharing “my life” on other sm and get more personal with my followers. Thanks for the tips!

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