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One of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is publishing content that is helpful to a reader, whether tips to help make life or business easier, recipes, inspiration or otherwise. But without the proper tips for pitching a brand sometimes you may never get that chance to share amazing products or services with your readers. We’ve had the opportunity to share some amazing products that truly help our audience. Comments like this one are the kind we enjoy reading most:

I suffer with severe allergies as well. There are time when I rub myself raw because I can’t deal with the itchiness. I may have to check out this allergy makeover for myself and see if it works for me. Thanks for sharing.  ~Amanda

This was to our recent post beginning a series where we are sharing about our Allergy Makeover as a family, which started with a review of a book by Dr. Susanne Bennett.  In this case, not only are we able to share helpful information with readers, but also benefit our family in the process … icing on the cake!

Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this post.

My husband and I have been running our blog for about three and a half years now. Only in the last year or so have we started sharing about brands and products with our readers, and even more recently we have discovered tips for pitching a brand and began reaching out to those brands we love.

Blogging, like anything else, has a learning curve if you are doing it as an income source. It involves much more than writing a blog post. There’s SEO and marketing issues to consider. Ideally, you want to improve your Google page rank with time as well.

Then if you do want to share about products and brands with your readers, you have to learn the ins and outs of that process. We started using a blogger marketing platform, called Social Spark.  It is a great way to get started once you have built some regular traffic to your blog.

But if you want to connect with brands to blog about products that have had a personal impact on your family, you will need to begin collecting tips for pitching a brand yourself.

Our first personal connection with a brand came just recently, as a result of our work with Dr. Susanne Bennett to review her book. Our son has been dealing with eczema and allergy issues for years, and I first discovered Dr. Susanne’s book via a fellow blogger. She connected me with Dr. Susanne’s team, who sent me the book.

This is the value of networking as a blogger! I first met this fellow blogger through Lisa Cash Hanson’s  Inner Circle, which is an affordable way to not only network, but also to learn from an experienced, award-winning blogger. Inner circle participation also enables you to learn from the other blogger members and to run things by them from time to time. It has been an invaluable experience for me, personally, as a blogger.

So as I finished up Dr. Susanne’s Allergy Makeover book and prepared to write my review of the book, I began thinking that it was time to try pitching brands again. I’d sent a few pitches in the past, but none of those had been successful.

Here’s the thing about success in anything in life. Sometimes it’s just about numbers, meaning, the more you work and continue pitching, the closer you are to getting your “yes.”

Every “no” should only be viewed as an opportunity to learn from that experience and met with the response of, “Next!”  Take some time to work through your feelings of disappointment and begin working on your next pitch.

So one of Dr. Susanne’s suggestions as part of her 7-day allergy makeover process is to replace metal eating utensils with wooden ones. Metals can be problematic for those with allergies and the premise of her book is that the more you rid your surrounding environment of potential allergens, where possible, the less load your body has overall in dealing with allergens.

Because of her success story with her son, who has lived allergy-symptom free ever since she implemented her makeover process with him, I decided to go all out in doing the same for my son, whose case is not nearly as severe as her son’s was!  So I did some research and found a company that sells wooden utensils I liked.

I wrote my pitch and clicked “send”. The next day, I got a response requesting the url of my blog where the review would be published. I replied back and quickly received my first “yes”! I was elated. I cannot wait to get these utensils, try them out and write my review.

Here are some tips for pitching a brand if you are a blogger who is interested in doing this yourself:

My Top 3 Tips for Pitching a Brand

3 – Make Sure your blog is presentable

There are three main suggestions I have for this:

  • Make sure your social media connection links are easy to find quickly on your blog.  When I got the email back asking for my url, I knew I had to do one thing before sending the response back. I had recently updated my header and the former one had included my social media buttons, where people could find us on Facebook, Twitter, etc. My new one does not have those and I had not added them yet to my sidebar. A big part of my “sell” for the brand (see more about that in #2 below) was about our social media presence. So I needed to be sure they saw how easy it was to find us on social media on our blog.
  • Also, you want to be sure that your blog has a professional look or tone to it. Have a color scheme that is consistent throughout so everything looks “together”.  Also, you probably have seen blogs with sidebars that look cluttered. I’ve had to work on this with our blog … clutter is definitely a weakness of mine and not only with my blog.
  • And lastly, think about your header and the first impression the brand gets when they first visit your site. I had to work on my new header for weeks before I settled on my current design. I did my own, but you can find someone to help you with this for a reasonable price … pick up Lisa’s Get Famous book where she gives all kinds of resources like this that are helpful for bloggers.

2 – Be clear about what is in it for the brand

One thing I have learned from Lisa is the importance of letting the brand know right away in your pitch how they will benefit from working with you. If they are making an investment to advertise through you, they must see clearly there is a benefit in it for them. Otherwise, it’s a definite, “No”.

1 – Learn from someone with experience and success pitching

Before Lisa started her blog, she worked in the entertainment industry. Due to her skills with interviews on television and newspapers she acquired a lot of experience in communicating with media. This is why I believe she built a successful blog quickly. The learning curve was not as great for her as for those of us with zero experience!

But she shares her knowledge with others in several ways:

She blogs regularly here on Mompreneur Mogul, offering great tips and advice. If you are not on her mailing list, I highly recommend you subscribe. That way you will never miss a post with the helpful tips she provides.

I already mentioned her inner circle above. The support you get not only from her but from other bloggers in the private Facebook group as well is incredible. What attracted me to her was her style and affordability. She interacts regularly with members, answering questions, and provides regular training. It was through that connection I made with the other blogger in this inner circle that I got the opportunity to review the Allergy Makeover book, which then led to my first successful brand pitch. Networking is critical for a successful blogger in so many ways.  Find a network that is a good fit for you and remember you get out of anything only as much as you are willing to put into it.

Finally, Lisa has a program called Pitch the Media Like a Pro, where you will get tons of information and training on pitching. She teaches you the nuts and bolts of pitching, from developing your hook, to writing a headline, to whom exactly to send your pitch to and she even includes a coaching session where she will help you with a specific pitch you are working on. This program will not only help you pitch brands but also major media networks if you are interested in being featured in the media.

We were featured on Yahoo Shine! just last year and received approximately 7,000 hits in one day to our blog to this crockpot recipe of Chef John’s. It’s definitely good for your traffic to be featured on major media networks.

So whether you want to learn how to pitch media for exposure for your blog or pitch brands for product reviews, you will not go wrong grabbing Lisa’s pitch program and learning tons of great tips for pitching a brand like the ones mentioned above, as well as seeing some of the exact pitches she has sent that were successful, where you, too, can benefit from her years of experience with media in her career and now through her blog and business.

Thank you, Lisa, for the mentoring I’ve received from you these past couple of years. I appreciate the heart and soul effort you put into your coaching while working crazy hours being an amazing mom and getting your product to market! I wish you the greatest success possible with Snuggwugg. It’s a wonderful product that so many moms and babies are going to love.




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