How To Have A Happy Life In 30 Days – Day One

I was checking out my Facebook feed the today and seeing the countless images of beaches, vacations, and spending sprees,  along with countless images of  other people’s happiness when suddenly this bizaro feeling washed over me. I was getting unhappy.  Wow go figure. It’s not the first time this has happened to me. I’ve felt this odd feeling before. Call it pre-menapausal, over worked or just moody. I don’t know the reason. Frankly  it really doesn’t matter why I just did. Basically I started to feel unhappy.

I’ve been told many times by those closest to me that I’m a very transparent person. Basically I’m pretty sure that translates to “You open your big mouth and just about anything comes out.” I can’t prove that is what they are saying but  when the word is aimed at me I’m thinking that is the best definition.

Today I am hoping that it’s OK to share my transparent moments with you. I also want to share with you  a conversation I had with my girlfriend. I’m hoping that if you ever feel  that same  twinge of unhappiness wash over you  like I did, maybe we can make it leave. That being said  I really hope my telling you that I struggle with things too at times doesn’t rock your perfection boat  you may think I have a seat in. And if you were thinking my life is perfectly filled with happy moments of success, bliss, and fun. Because, well it’s not.

I think it’s so important when we (scratch that we just change it to I) achieve some level of success that I need  to be real with you. I don’t know how to be any other way so if you want me to be fake and pretend that I wake up to my house looking  like the home and garden images on Pinterest, and  that I cut the fruit and food for my toddler in perfectly pretty shapes of swans, and  Mickey Ears, or that my husband comes home from work to sweep me off my feet and just wants to hold me until we drift off to sleep in our marital bliss? Well that’s not this girl.  I’m not saying my life stinks it doesn’t basically it’s pretty good but I see room for improvement. So you may want to flip the channel to another blog right now otherwise you’re about to get the full story. “Hang on sister,” You might be thinking, “is this not a post about how to have a happy life?” Yes it is. I’m getting to that.

But first a glimpse on how I got to the unhappy moment and who knows maybe you’ve dealt with similar challenges and together we can get happy life together. ( Well not really together you get yours I’ll get mine but it will be at the same time if you catch my drift)

So why was I feeling unhappy? Well there are a few reasons I suppose. It’s been forever since we’ve taken a vacation, all I do is work non stop, or if I’m not working we are serving other people,  we almost never have a social life, my daughter is 3 years old and 2 months and pooping in the potty is scarier for her than Jason on Halloween, ( oo just showed my age there), I run three businesses, we are launching a new brand that takes everything I have left in me from day to day, I coach amazing women who really need me, and at the same time am trying to be the best wife, mother, and grow our businesses ( including this blog). Whew that’s a lot.

OK so now I can get to the happy life part. So I called my friend Crystal today on the phone because after looking at something I felt a meltdown of stellar proportions headed my way. I’ve been on that yo yo train many times and I just wasn’t up for the ride today. So I thought I would redirect my attitude and call my friend to see if she’d help me adjust my attitude. Funny thing happened. She picked up the phone and said “Wait, I have to read something again” Then proceeded to read a post I wrote about hanging on in the storm. We both laughed and I told her she can’t have a breakdown at the same time I am there is only room for one at a time and right now it’s my turn.

So to make this long post shorter here it is in a nutshell. She and I challenged each other to spend the next 30 days speaking positive things over our lives, or families, our finances. Yes you name it and we are speaking it over  our life. We are both Christians so we believe in confession but even new agers know there is great power in what you say.

So here is where you come in. I’m wondering if you’d like to join me? We can be accountable to each other and you can comment on the posts you see surrounding this 30 day journey. BUT this means that you are accountable to  NOT speak anything negative over yourself or your life for 30 days. Or at least try really hard. I think if we can do this we may find ourselves much happier when these 30 days are over. They always say it’s not really what you have or what you don’t have but rather your attitude about those things that really matters most.

So I thought this is a great chance to see if we can watch our mouth and let that lead us straight into a happy life.

Welcome to day one.  I’ll try to post every day for the next 30 days. Even if you catch on later it’s OK just pick up wherever we are. I really hope to hear from you and see what happens not only in my life but in yours in the next 30 days. So what do you think? Will you join with me?  We are about to have a happy life and this is only day one.


Confession ideas: My time is now.

My life is filled with blessings and I have boundless opportunities coming my way.

People love my blog so much they can’t wait to see what I write next.

I won’t compare myself to any other women in any way I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I’m the only me in the world.

I’m kind, loving, and smart. I’m a triple threat. ( OK those are a few of mine just make your own and you get the jist)

And I can’t do confessions without thinking of one of my favorite movies watch the first few seconds and you’ll see his confession –





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