Online Site Builders – Why the DIY Approach is a Bad Idea

Thinking About Using Online Site Builders? Here is why you should think again

Meet Jane. Jane works as a business coach and networks with other specialists in her field to provide consultation services. The world is Jane’s oyster. All she is missing, like other entrepreneurs her age, is her own website. So she decides to do what any other thirty something would do to market her business; build her own website and boost her online presence.

Unfortunately, she goes for the DIY approach and has a website builder create her website for her. Now people have trouble navigating through the mishmash of scattered buttons and tabs that is her chosen site builder’s idea of a site. What’s worse, Jane can’t figure out why no one can find her website on the web.

One of the biggest challenges female entrepreneurs face is their reluctance to ask for help in order to see their visions through to end. In this case, this reluctance would extend to asking for the right kind of help.

Remember, building a convertible website is no walk in the park. And that is exactly why most small business owners rely on web design services to create convertible websites for them. Here are other reasons why new business owners should avoid online site builders like the plague and why hiring the services of a professional web designer makes sense-

You Don’t Own the Website – No Really!

Remember, once you hand over your website design to  online site builders, you do not own your website. This means that the site builder you choose will not provide you with the files that went into the creation of your website such as php, html or jpegs. The worst part is that such “services” do not promise any reimbursements if your files get deleted or misplaced from their end either. An established web designer, on the other hand provides you with copies of every file that went into your website’s development.

Say Goodbye to Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, sacrificing flexibility should not be on your agenda. However, relying on a website builder will cause you to lose just that. How? Online site builders rely on a number of templates which is why almost every website that is created by them looks the same. The fact that you will never be able to edit the actual html code according to your own requirements also ends up limiting your own vision more often than not.

Plus the coding environment leaves a lot to be desired. Do your business a favor ditch those online site builders and hire a professional web design service that will keep you on board throughout the creation of your website.




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