How To Have A Happy Life In 30 Days – Day 6-8 Cheating a little

My blog post picture cracks me up  today. It’s my daughter Matilda turning one and hating on her birthday cake. Apparently frosting is a terrifying thing. This was two years ago so it’s a little of Throwback Thursday. She is not really having a happy life here but we thought it was cute. I want to share with you that if you are coming to my blog and reading this post for the very first time and wondering, “What is this girl doing?” I’m documenting a 30 Day Journey to Happiness. I meant to document each day in my 30 day journey but we are in the middle of an amazing meeting all week at church and so I just didn’t blog those days. So I’m combining days 6- 8 together. If you have no clue what I’m talking about check out my How To Have A Happy Life Day One and you will.

I was really tempted the other day to blow my confession. We had a little incident. After being in meetings all morning although amazing I was very tired. Add to that a toddler in tow and you have one frazzled mama.  I came out of church in the blazing Las Vegas heat with my toddler diaper bag (thats my diaper bag that I really shouldn’t have but Matilda still refuses to poop on the potty so I am still dragging it along) my purse, and Matilda in one hand. I get to the truck and dead. Dead Dead. Crystals husband Warren, funny my friend with me on this journey was turning the corner at that moment and I grabbed him and asked for a jump. I hoped that would be the end of it but… zero zilch nothing. So I called my husband who thankfully came to help had to go get a new battery while we waited. I took Matilda back inside our church and we waited until we had a new battery and hurried home. But we were tired and hungry but I didn’t complain. Miracle I know. And Crystal came through for us she had an air conditioned office and some snacks for Matilda. Great deal.

We’ve been doing good with our mouth watching closely over our words and I have to admit I do feel happier. I will let you know what positive changes occur during this time. I can’t wait to share more with you!

Come and join us just read this post, share with a friend and add your own confessions of happiness in the comments below. See you tomorrow!

Here is my confession for the day:

I’m able to clean the house, run my businesses and be a good mom all at the same time.

I’m happy healthy rich and wise.

I can do anything I need to.

I am fully equipped.

OK your turn 🙂



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