How To Have A Happy Life In 30 Days – Day Three

Although I’m crazy busy I have to admit I’m diggin on the fact that I’m accountable to you every day and sharing this journey together. #30daychallenge to a happy life. If you missed why I’m doing this you can visit  my other blog posts about Day One  & Day Two and you’ll see. So one of the things that leads to being unhappy is spending more time working and no time playing.  Seriously that makes people including myself very unhappy.

So this past weekend in the midst of coaching all my clients, chasing my 3 year old around and getting ready for the biggest trade show of our life with Snuggwugg headed to the ABC Kids EXPO, what did I do? I stopped working and spent some time with my friends.

I also spoke many positive things over our life and our business and our friends and family. It feels pretty amazing I’ll have to admit. Sunday at church it was a great day and the service was all about faith and promises. The reality is when you think about all the hard times in your life, those challenging days when things were pretty sucky complaining never seemed to  turned anything around. Weird how that works but it’s true.

I’m speaking from pure experience. My girlfriend and I are primed and ready to go on day three. I’m hoping you are coming along with us speaking only positive things for 30 days over yourself and your life. Together we will watch our lives turn around.

You can’t always change circumstances but you can change yourself. And that is exactly what I intend on doing. So stay tuned as we share what happens and hopefully you are taking this #30daychallenge to a Happy Life with us. Share your comments below or confessions. Share this post with a friend and let’s all work on having a happy life! I’ll see you tomorrow for day four!





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