Top 6 Reasons You Should Use WordPress for Your Blogging Business

Here is why your blogging business needs

Whether you’re running your own blogging business or a personal blog, is the ultimate tool that lets you tweak your website (or blog) without needing a degree in Geekology. Its claim to fame is not just the strong community that backs it up, or the top notch support it provides to its users, but rather a combination of both, and these as well;


Google loves WordPress websites because it is built completely for SEO, which makes it, hands-down, the best CMS you could use. But apart from that, the main benefit of using is that it’s a lot easier to optimize. This means that you don’t have to be a programmer to fix certain issues, such as duplicate URLs, etc.


The cleaner your structure is the faster your website will load, and the happier your user will be. Using as a tool, one can use both free and premium themes and plugins. Add or edit files via cPanel or FTP etc, and tweak WordPress files wherever necessary. All these features do not only reassure you that your site will look its best but will also be sleeker, faster and better.


Most HTML websites and HTML online site builders will include basic functionality. WordPress takes this one step further by providing default plug-ins and themes that are free of bloat, as in, their clean code helps enhance the user’s experience, which is important especially in a blogging business.


In a blogging business, adding features and other upgrades are necessary. WordPress makes it extremely easy to scale your WordPress website without any hassle.


With handheld devices becoming more popular with each passing day, the need to make websites compatible is extremely necessary. WordPress sites are usually built on relatively simple and accessible technologies that are easy to install on Windows or Linux servers. This allows them to be displayed on iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, iPads and laptops as well.


When it comes to design, there are literally thousands of themes that are available at, so a blogging business can use any of the new designs available to keep their content fresh. Per-page customization, a host of technical resources and great SEO makes the go-to place for all those who need a robust platform for their blogging business.

I would love to hear your comments. Will you be switching to for your blogging business?




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    Hands down, WordPress is the best platform for all websites, not just blogs. It is light years ahead of all the other current CMS’s available, there’s no question about it. The customization options, the structure, the ease for SEO – it all just makes for a great user experience.

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