My 30 Day Happiness Challenge Hit A Wall This Is What Happened

If you have been following my blog you  may have seen a few weeks ago that  I was in the middle of watching my mouth for 30 days in the hopes that I could learn how to turn bad situations around. Or at least speak positively in the midst of them.  It was also a type of ” happiness challenge.” I made several crucial discoveries during this time and I hope what I uncovered will help you as well.

1. My 30 day challenge often was clumped into days at a time. I just don’t blog every day. Who am I kidding? I found that a little bit  funny because that is how my life flows as well.

2. I won $1,000 from Wells Fargo for my business Snuggwugg INC. This was really amazing when you realize that out of thousands of businesses owners in the country Wells Fargo only selected 25 and we were one of them.

3. I wanted to win the $25K grand prize – I didn’t.
ABC Kids Expo Las Vegas Snuggwugg

media kit

4. On the day that I didn’t win the $25,000 from Wells Fargo I really didn’t have much time for a pity party. I was headed to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas to showcase our brand line for Snuggwugg®.

There was a lot of work to do in preparation for our show. Booth set up and sales prep. I wasn’t sure how the day would progress or how many sales we would make and even though we lost the contest  that day I can honestly say I never shed a tear.

I went to my show and actually ended up encouraging others around me. It’s a tough show if you’ve never showcased before and you come in with expectations that may not always be met. They needed the encouragement.

So on the drive that day I just began to pray.  Right in the middle of my prayer I realized that I didn’t want to be on an emotional roller coaster any longer. Up when things were good. Down if they stunk. Thinking God loved me when everything was amazing, wondering if he stepped of His throne or forgot me when they didn’t. Dumb I know but these were thoughts in my mind at times.

I really hope you are following me because I believe the lesson I finally discovered is vital for anyone on earth to maintain their happiness.

My lesson was this:

My joy doesn’t come from contests or sales or anything on the outside. My joy comes from within. Life is moving at a super sonic pace. When bad things happen and they do I remember that it’s just for a brief moment.

So I put on my happy face, did my show and walked out with thousands upon thousands of dollars in new sales and had some new open doors that I can’t even talk about yet. But it was amazing.

So even though I didn’t blog every day about my challenge I met it. I crushed it and I lived to not only tell about it but to overcome every obstacle that came my way.

I think I finally discovered how to stay truly happy and I am no longer tossed back and forth like a tiny boat on the ocean.

What a great feeling. My hope for you is that you too will discover your true happiness and realize that it’s been living inside of you all along.

With love and peace,



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