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Another mom recently asked me a familiar question. “How did you do it?  The “it” she is referring to is: How did I create a business, Snuggwugg INC, invent a baby product and write a book all while having a toddler in tow and zero background in manufacturing. The naked truth of the matter is that some days I can’t even figure it out myself. But in this post I’ll share a few tips that I have discovered along the way that may help you achieve your own dreams whatever they may be. Which leads me to this next side journey I’d like to take you on. I just started reading a book that I’m pretty excited about. I rarely read anything that is not spiritually based because my time is so limited. But when I was asked to review The Birth Of A Brand by Brian Smith founder of UGG Boots I was happy to say yes. Especially due to the fact that I’ve launched my own brand  a few years back, Snuggwugg INC. I was very interested in hearing  what Brian had to say. I could already tell this book would be amazing and on page 15 I read this:

“The vision of success is typical of the blind optimism shared by most people during the “a-ha” moment when they conceive their new dream. I believe that for a true entrepreneur, some degree of ignorance is a key ingredient for success. If you knew at the time all of the obstacles you’re up against, you’d never even start” – Brian Smith The Birth Of A Brand

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When I read that I just laughed out loud. Because I know having had so many things thrown at me that I had no idea were coming my way I feel the same way. I think it’s a gift that you have no clue what you are in for. Otherwise you’d just take a nap and forget it. Believe me. When I had the bright idea to invent my own baby product I ran to the fabric store and created my frankenpillow. That’s my fond name for a bunch of pieces I sewed together myself to see if my idea would even work. Then I had a true inventor moment. I placed it over Matilda and she actually held still when I changed her diaper. “It works!” Super exciting.

But between that moment and now there were more obstacles than you can imagine and I’m sure many more to come. One of the greatest tips I can personally share with you is that you have to make a decision before you even begin and everything will stem from this moment. No matter how hard, no matter if you lack knowledge or funds or experience determine that  you will never ever quit. That is what will make you successful.

Recently I was waiting on our next big shipment for Snuggwugg®. My forwarder after many back and forth conversations over my shipment informed me me that he was sorry to report my factory was not ready and my shipment would again be delayed by 3 weeks ruining our chance for a Christmas season. I didn’t freak out immediately but did begin to feel a spasm LOL. I called the factory and they had no clue what I was talking about. It appears in this case my forwarder due to some very stressful conditions confused my order with another. My order was fine and on it’s way.

Snuggwugg Great Baby Shower Gift

But these are just a few of the many issues you will face when building your business. Your products are late, or something isn’t right, or buyers are emailing, or in my case you are taking calls and balancing your family… challenges galore.

As I look back at our journey with Snuggwugg I shake my head over all the walls we’ve already climbed. I’ve had people try and sabotage us, million dollar deals come and go without fruition, major let downs when national opportunity was within our reach and more. Not to mention the challenges with designs packaging etc;.

But this is what I have learned and hopefully it will help you. –

What you don’t know you will learn. What you don’t have maybe at the moment you don’t need. If you don’t quit you’ll reap amazing rewards. If it was easy everyone would own their own business. The truth is it’s  hard. But nothing is impossible.

So I’m excited to share more about Brian’s book as I read his amazing journey and hope you are inspired to reach for your dreams. And mostly I hope that you are just a little bit ignorant today 🙂 Because as Brian said “ignorance is a key ingredient for success”

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