Republicans Take The Senate “Free At Last Free At Last Thank God Almighty”

“Free at last Free at last thank God almighty we are free at last.” This phrase is what’s rolling in my heart tonight. What a great night for a GOP takeover. Juan Williams was on Fox News last night and he said that what was happening was not a “Wave.” Whether it was a wave, or a storm or  I don’t know or even care. All I know is that for the past few years I’ve never been more discouraged about the direction of our country or the attitude of our politicians. Isis, Israel at war, prime minister having awful things said about him, unemployment, Obamacare… just one failed policy after the next. So I am happy to see Republicans take the Senate. I am so thankful for our wonderful democratic process. Many people cast their votes and in spite of all the whining I see on Twitter from liberals MOST Americans were sick and tired of the way Washington was run. And we are also tired of hearing “RACIST!” each time a person disagrees with you. Or calling any black person who is not bullied into voting and acting just like you an “Uncle Tom”.  According to a recent Yahoo article “Nearly two-thirds of voters interviewed after casting ballots said the country was seriously on the wrong track. Only about 30 percent said it was generally going in the right direction.”

GOP Victory

Only time will tell if Barack Obama will actually lead instead of divide. If his pride takes over we know where that will lead. Harry Reid posted on his Facebook page: “The voters want us to work together.”  I almost cracked up especially reading the comment that said- “We are just sick of your crap.” Harry Reid did nothing to work with anyone and now he has to shut it! And I am so happy about that.

Hopefully the GOP will listen to the Americans who just put them in office and get a backbone and change America back. Before I went to the poles I ran across this video. I  was so inspired by these guys. It’s amazing that some can be so blind while others can see so clearly. Hopefully their message will get out. Hopefully we will stop accusing each other of being a racist simply because we don’t agree. Hopefully the country will be stronger, safer, and more hopeful.

Only time will tell but I am very very happy tonight that our country is headed on the right path again. I don’t think Republicans are great either. Honestly I feel I’ve become more of a libertarian over the years. I don’t think government is all that great. But I’m happy tonight. I know you may not agree and that is fine. Amazing men and women died to give you that right.

As for me I’ll be sleeping with a smile on my face. And a song in my heart: “Oh Happy Day.”

I leave you with this amazing video from the website Rebel Pundit. And I really hope you watch it and share.

Let’s see what happens but I hope the youth in our country realize what they say in this video. We don’t want welfare we want opportunity to go to work and own businesses.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”




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