I’m Not Blogging As Often And This Is Why

Dear Blogger friends: Blogging is beyond an amazing experience and for those of us fortunate enough to make a living from it at times even more so. If you’re reading this and you are a blogger you probably already know all the reasons why. Even though it’s amazing I am discovering something about myself. I am getting lost. At times  I can’t seem to get my list accomplished or I’ve forgotten something important or the look on my daughter and husband’s eyes when I have to do “just one more thing”.  It was in that moment, seeing the look in their eyes that I realized I will not be posting  as often as I once had. I’m not sure if my new post schedule will turn into a blog once a week or month. I’ll take it as it goes. But I’ve come to the realization that I’m one woman and I’m not super human. I am in the midst of running a brand new business Snuggwugg INC. and that is  beyond a full time job. Not to mention my family needs me which really is most important in my life and my ministry.

Often times I think we write our blog posts hoping others will notice. That you’ll comment or tell us what a great job we are doing. I know a few bloggers have said they don’t care who reads their blog but if that be true then why bother writing anything at all?

During this Christmas and Holiday season something strange has happened. I lost another dear friend unexpectedly. One second he felt sick and the next he slipped away.

It’s a sobering thought when you actually stop in the midst of your insane life and think about what truly matters.

Mompreneur Mogul family

Family, ministry, work. Above all else, my family. So if you don’t read a post from me every other day or you are wondering what is going on? Now you know. I’m not limiting my ability to write when I want. If I feel like posting tomorrow I will. But I’m giving myself the freedom to not worry about what others think if I wait a month to post again.

Will it matter? Maybe not to others but to me, I’m right where I need to be.




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