Mom Bloggers And Brands The Secret Is In The Relationship

Have you ever heard of the term, “The secret is in the sauce?” Well that is true in the case of mom bloggers and brands. When any group of mom bloggers begins working with brands the secret is in the relationship. When you have thousands upon thousands of mom bloggers as a brand who do you choose? Which marketing team do you work with? There are some pitfalls along the way and brands have to be careful if they want to maintain great relationships and keep the social media air free from negative clutter and bad reviews. I’ve witnessed first hand marketing leaders trash a brand on social media. That is not really the best if you are building a business based on those brands coming to you for help.

I’m so thankful for my position. I’m the CEO of Snuggwugg an award winning baby product and also a blogger. I suppose that gives me the best perspective for both sides. As a brand I know what you are looking for, yet as the blogger I know what they need.

Recently I was asked to help with a fortune 500 company’s blogging campaign. As I shared this campaign I realize more than ever  how valuable relationships are  to this process. From selecting the perfect bloggers for individual campaigns to working with the brand expectations, relationships are key. It’s one thing to land a blogger with a large social media influence but if that blogger decides they are upset and starts trashing your brand then what? Having strong relationships  in place will protect your brand. Why? If a blogger who was selected for a campaign is not 100% professional It  would be the last campaign they ever did. But of course bloggers already know that. So they work hard to showcase your brand and make it shine. Win win for all.

Brands like Microsoft, Verizon, Walmart & Sony,  already leverage influential bloggers. Some on their corporate websites or social media sites, creating a role for them in the world of big brands. What makes mom bloggers so valuable to your brand? Mom bloggers are authentic. And they tell their friends who then purchase your products. 75% of Mom bloggers say they blog about brands they love. And those brands they love enjoy the benefits.

 Mom Bloggers The Secret Is In The Relationship

 Reach: Marketing is not just about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right people in the right way with the right relationships.  Mom bloggers an engaged lists of subscribers on their newsletters, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds.  70% of U.S. online consumers make purchases based on recommendations from a blog.  That is amazing.


Moms know how to create engaging content that does not sound like they are pushing a product. That makes it more appealing and more conversational and less like an advertisement. That is just one of the many reasons mom bloggers are so valuable to brands. Sales is all about relationships. So if a mom tells her friend that your brand is the best to buy from chances are they believe her. Relationship.

The same thing applies to bloggers wanting to work with brands. Recently in our private Facebook group we had a great campaign come up. There are some great mom bloggers in the world but because they were in my brand group they are the bloggers that got to share in this campaign and will be an amazing voice for the brand.

Trust, relationships and authentic messaging is a must for any brand. With that there is tremendous opportunities for brands to utilize amazing mom bloggers as spokespeople and advertisers and promoters of their products.

If you are a brand and you are looking to utilize the powerful word of mouth referrals that only mom bloggers can carry please email You can learn more here WORKING WITH BRANDS  I’m happy to discuss your campaign and help. If you are a blogger and would like to learn more about our Facebook group you may email us as well.





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